Mark and identify with color patches and mark out marshalling areas

To mark victims during medical triage operations

To identify, visualize and assist in evacuations more effectively

Cyalume sticks in order to help with medical triage

In the event of major disasters, accidents, attacks or instances where many victims experience grief, it is important to organise emergency evacuations in the best way possible. Military personnel, law enforcement agencies and first aid teams (firefighters, ambulances) are required to proceed with medical triage operations in order to organise evacuations quickly and efficiently.

Within this framework, Cyalume light sticks or light markers are used to:

  • Identify the management teams (with markers of a different shape or colour from those who are injured, for example).
  • Identify each evacuee with high visibility that can be easily identified by rescue teams.
  • Sort victims by categorizing those injured by color code:
    • The color green can be used to signify an intermediate emergency level
    • The color red can be used to signify a level of extreme urgency
    • The color yellow can be used to complete

Lightshape circular adhesive patches or even FlexBand bracelets are visible or IR colored markers that are very suitable for this type of operation. The circular shape of the LightShape provides a larger surface area that can be used for writing a message.

  • Indicate collection points for victims, for example with a 40cm red Non-IMPACT stick attached to a cone adapter which itself is placed on a construction cone.
  • Light up marshalling areas.