For the 15cm SnapLight lightsticks Cyalume Technologies suggest you use your company or brand colors for the customization of individual packaging:

  • individual lightstick foil packaging,
  • blisters,
  • cardboard boxes
  • countertop displays.

1. Customizing of the individual packing for the 15cm SnapLight in an individual foil wrapper

For the individual customization of 15cm sticklight foils, we require a minimum order quantity of 3500 items per color. After signing the camera-ready copy (CRC) of the graphic design of the foil, the average manufacturing time is between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the workload of our manufacturing shops.

> Full customization of individual package of the SnapLight 15cm lightstick

If you choose this option, you are going for the full customization of the foil of your 15 cm lightstick. You will be customizing the complete individual package with features such as your logo, baseline, any communication information (logo, key message, telephone number, website…).

You can choose from the six foil colors to replicate the colors of the 15 cm SnapLight: green/orange/yellow/white/blue/red while bearing in mind that the central stripe is colored and the top and bottom are white.

The central stripe is what you see first when the foil containing the lightstick has been folded and welded.

It is mandatory for the foil to bear indications like user warnings, the logo and Cyalume’s particulars as well as traceability information (batch number and expiration date).

The foil is customized solely by highlighting in black the information or graphic items on the lightstick foil. You can do the composition yourself or have it done by Cyalume. A camera-ready copy must be signed before production begins.

> Customized individual packing for the 15cm lightstick bearing the SnapLight trademark

This gives you the benefit of the renown of the Cyalume SnapLight® brand name on your lightstick foil. The SnapLight® logo will be printed at the middle of the foil leaving you free to customize the remainder of the foil with features like your logo etc…

The foil comes in green, orange, yellow, white, blue and red, corresponding to the available 15cm lightstick colors.

User precautions, the logo and the particulars of Cyalume together with the batch number and expiration date must appear on the foil.

It is only possible to print in black on the foil and you can do the design work yourself or have it done by Cyalume. A camera-ready copy must be signed before production begins.

2. NEW PACKAGES IN 2017 for 15cm lightsticks!

You can now customize in your company colors several packaging boxes for the 15cm lightsticks such as:

  • blisters,
  • cardboard boxes and
  • countertop displays.

> A blister pack for four 15 cm SnapLights

cyalume lightstick blister customization of packaging

Your blister can be totally customized as a vector for your graphic identity and the activity area in which you operate. Cyalume can propose a turnkey packaging solution consisting of blisters.
These are the points you need to consider:

  • Size: 190mm x 145mm
  • Minimum order quantity: 100 items
  • Four color process offset back & front blister printing
  • Full packaging customization
  • Blister containing four 15cm SnapLight sticks, possibility of customizing the individual foil

Cyalume can also take care of the graphic design of the blister. A camera-ready copy will be required before the first series is put into production. Contact us for a personalized estimate!

> cardboard pack for three 15 cm SnapLight lightsticks

Cardboard box customized for 3 Snaplight Cyalume lightstick

The cardboard pack contains three SnapLight 6″ (15cm) lightsticks on which the individual foil can also be customized. This cardboard box or pack can be fully customized, becoming a communication and sales-boosting tool. The visual material can be designed by Cyalume or by your IT graphic designer.
Points to be considered:

  • Size of cardboard pack: 240mm x 70mm x 30mm
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 pcs
  • Four color process offset printing on all sides
  • Full customization
  • Blister containing 3 SnapLight 15cm lightsticks

Get in touch for a personalized estimate and any further questions!

> Counter display for 24 x 15cm SnapLight lightsticks

counter display with 24 Cyalume lightsticks

The counter display can hold 24 SnapLight lightsticks whose individual foil may be customized. It is designed to stand on your shop counter, possibly near the cash register to encourage impulse buying.

  • Size (closed box): L245mm x W180mm x H65mm
  • Minimum order quantity: 250 pcs
  • Four color process offset printing
  • Fully customized
  • Delivered with 24 x 15cm SnapLight® lightsticks with the possibility of individual foil customization

The display is made of rigid cardboard which can be personalized in your company colors. The visual material can be designed by Cyalume or by your IT graphic designer. The display, with 24 sticks, is delivered as a box secured by adhesive stickers. It only takes a few seconds to unfold the display to prepare it for standing on the counter display.