IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) infrared shoulder Flags / Insignia and Patches

The infrared shoulder flags, insignia or patches are attached by Velcro on helmets or on shoulders.

The army identifier velcro patch allows an Identification Friend or Foe.

The flag reacts solely in reflecting to a source of infrared light. Available as:

  • gloss version (visible up to 600m) and mat version (visible up to 200m)
  • Colors: Tan / OD / MultiCam / Custom
  • sew-on or velcro
  • Examples of sizes: 9x5cm, 8x5cm, 5x5cm, custom

Dual IR patch with different visual and IR modes with velcro:

  • Custom color / Camouflage
  • All sizes available upon request
  • Possible customization with logos, flags, letters and symbol

These different types of patches can be customized according to your wishes : it’s possible to make bespoke products with a full customization on size, shape, color…


Minimum Quantity of Order of 50pcs


Gloss version / mat version
Tan / OD / MutiCam/ Black / Camouflage / Custom
Customization with logos, flags, letters and signs
Sew On / Velcro


size examples: 9x5cm, 8x5cm, 5x5cm
custom size possibility

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