Mark and identify so that you can evacuate people in total peace.

To identify and locate someone during emergency evacuation operations

The SOS light stick marks your position by creating a circle of light

Cyalume sticks can be used as emergency evacuation signs for people

SOS distress signs can be used as an emergency evacuation signal. It is a discrete advancing position signal indicating progress in enemy territory. It replaces a radio signal or a pyrotechnic position indication rocket. It guarantees the absence of all traces of evidence on the ground. The highest possible level of discretion is assured. It could be very practical to mark out an area in order to prepare it for an evacuation by air at night.

Cyalume sticks are also useful for emergency signage in the case of sanitary evacuations (EVASAN) or medical evacuations (MEDEVAC).

Combined with medical triage protocols, the Cyalume sticks and light markers prove to be useful during these evacuations by identifying and marking injuries that are minor, more serious etc… and organizing evacuation priorities as effectively as possible.

Medevac/Evasan, signage for evacuating people