Cyalume infrared lighting

Chemlight 15cm infrared military light stick cyalume

6” ChemLight infrared (15cm)

4 inch 10cm infrared cyalume lightstick

4” ChemLight infrared (10cm)

15 inch Infrared lightstick for bundle drops by air

15” infrared Impact & Non-Impact (40cm)

MINI stick Cyalume infrared Chemlight Lightstick Type A

1.5” infrared Mini ChemLight (3.75cm)

Circle infrared marker Lightshape convoys identification

LightShape circular infrared marker

Infrared Flexband IR version bracelet Cyalume

8.25” infrared Flexband wristband (21cm)

SOS Infrared position signal

SOS infrared position signal

Almost the entire range of Cyalume products is available in infrared version

Cyalume infrared light sticks come in 15cm, 10cm, and 40cm lengths but also as Mini infrared Type A (3.75cm) and SOS versions. Operating times vary according to the model, between 3 hours and 8 hours.

LightShape circular markers are also available in the IR version (3 hours and 8 hours). For identification and marking, the IR Flexband may also fill the bill, with its 3-hour duration.

The SOS signal is available as an infrared version with an 8-hour duration: it is practical for discrete localizing.

For all these Cyalume IR products, the product shelf life from the date of manufacture marked on the package is three years.

Explanations about IR lightsticks and infrared technology

Cyalume IR chemiluminescent products, (IR lightsticks, LightShape circular markers) emit IR light once they have been activated. To be visible, these products have to be used with Night Vision Goggles (NVG), with infrared radiation between 700 and 950 nm. Depending on the NVG model, acquisition distances will vary enormously from a few dozens of meters with a Lucie type NVG to several hundreds of meters with the US NVS 14 system. It depends on the IR beam power of the goggles.