The primary differences between the ChemLight and SnapLight lightsticks

Cyalume offers a wide range of lighting products in different colors, shapes and sizes, designed to address the issues facing defense and security specialists, especially for uses as beacons, markers, identification or for evacuation. Twist or press to activate and generate visible or infrared light lasting between 5 minutes and 24 hours. Our reflective and photoluminescent products fill out the range of ChemLight and SnapLight lightsticks.

The ChemLight & the SnapLight

One technology and two ranges of Cyalume lightsticks: the ChemLight light sticks and the SnapLight glowsticks

The Cyalume lightstick range essentially comprises two families

The Cyalume ChemLight lightsticks family:

These are the sticks used by the military for tactical and training lighting or in the theater of operations. All the armed forces (Army, Air Force, Navy) as well as security and first responders (police, special forces, firefighters,…) use Cyalume sticks to mark, signal and identify themselves in particularly dangerous situations, such as combat operations or natural disasters.

The Cyalume SnapLight lightsticks family:

These lightsticks are used for civilian (rather than military) purposes for safety, identification and marking … in many fields. They all share the common goal of using the Cyalume stick as safety equipment.

The primary differences between the ChemLight and SnapLight lightsticks

The Chemlight lightstick has a rugged hook and an eyelet

he hook has a polarizing flat part so that the hook opening can be located at night, or in the dark. The eyelet of the ChemLight lightstick has been designed to prevent the stick from sliding along the line. The Chemlight hook also has a hole for attaching a lanyard or a twist tie. The ChemLight body is hexagonal to prevent the lightstick from rolling on smooth surfaces. The ChemLight lightstick hook also has a nonreturn gate so that the stick can be attached securely.

The hook of the SnapLight lightstick is a simple open hook

used for attaching the stick to a fixed point. It does not have a nonreturn gate but includes a lanyard eyelet like the ChemLight lightstick.

Cyalume is the sole maker of ChemLight lightsticks and the only authorized supplier for purchases of products with an NSN (NATO Stock Number) referenced with NATO.

All Cyalume NSN products have been tested in the field and are NATO approved in compliance with the NSN specification. Cyalume is the sole supplier of chemiluminescent products working under a NATO contract in Europe and the USA. These ChemLight lightsticks meet NATO specification requirements and have higher performance curves than the lightsticks in the SnapLight range.

ChemLight and SnapLight lightsticks and all the Cyalume chemiluminescent products share the following points

They emit light through 360° because of the stick’s shape and are visible up to 1 nautical mile. Cyalume lightsticks and markers are patented, contain a non-toxic formulation and are environment-friendly. They are nonflammable before and after activation and do not generate flames, heat or sparks. They resist bad weather and they are buoyant and waterproof. Cyalume lightsticks are always ready and easy to use: they do not require a battery or rechargeable cell.

Their packaging protects them from light and damp. They are maintenance-free and most are available in 6 visible colors (green, yellow, red, orange, blue, white) and in infrared for the ChemLight military range. High intensity orange versions are also available for some products.

Cyalume products have a phthalate-free formulation.

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