To mark and delimit an area at night, Cyalume glow sticks are used to signpost and mark areas effectively.

In the dark, find your bearings using ground lighting

In dark environments, inside or out, where visibility is very low, the use of Cyalume glow sticks will allow you to quickly define a terrain, an area, a perimeter for more security or simply to light the area.

Lighting of the distance line in scuba diving

Simple and efficient underwater tracking with Cyalume

Diving: Marking of instruments and lifelines with glow sticks

During your diving activities, you can attach the glow sticks to the various instruments – such as regulators, instrument consoles, ropes, anchor ropes and moorings, the boat’s wheel, bail-out bottles etc. in order to easily locate them, especially at night.

Importantly, you may need to locate the distance line, also known as the lifeline, while diving at anytime of the day. Tracking and night marking is an essential safety factor for each diver. This allows other boats to see the perimeter in which you are diving thus not crossing your path.

Boating: the Cyalume stick used on your boat to show your anchored position

In order to be seen by other boats, especially at night when visibility is reduced or in foggy weather, you need a clear, reliable signal. Cyalume sticks are perfect for this when dropping anchor at sea as this will prevent you from using the boat’s batteries when the engine is not running, avoiding draining them. In this case, it is advisable to place 6” Snaplight 15cm white glow sticks on the perimeter of the boat and a 40cm Non-Impact white glow stick on the mast head. Their 8 hour glow time will allow you to relax for the whole night without having to use your batteries to mark your position.

This is especially useful for fishing boats that must be clearly visible when frequently dropping anchor at sea. As a precaution, always have extra glow sticks in addition to those required by regulations to ensure that you always have extra light if necessary.

Lighting a boat when anchored at sea

Affix white sticks on the side of the boat and at the top of the mast

Camp lighting at night

Identification of tents in the dark

Camping: use your Cyalume sticks for your family’s safety

Do you want a short evening walk in the natural surroundings of the campsite? Don’t think twice about bringing a glow stick to find your way around at night. The sticks are small and handy so you can carry them everywhere very easily. Take one to identify each family member, for example you could attach a stick to each person with a carabiner to ensure you can spot them at all times. Children will love this little light on their night walk. Remember to pack it in your bag, it will guarantee you be seen and rescued if you get lost. It is important to remember that at night, it is necessary to see where you are going but also for others to know you are there.

If your four-legged friend follows you for a walk, you can also mark your pet by attaching a glow stick to its collar. You will be sure to keep track of your four-legged friend in the dark and be able to spot them from a distance. Don’t worry, Cyalume single use glow sticks are non-toxic so you can equip your dog risk-free.

Useful for finding your way back to you camp if you return in the dark, the Cyalume glow stick attaches easily to the structure of your tent. Giving between 8 and 12 of light hours (standard version), the 15cm stick will last all night and will make your life much easier!

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Running / Trekking: Use Cyalume glow sticks to mark the route for a night time race

Every runner gets frustrated when conditions prevent them from getting out and about. Now you can run at any time of day and in any weather.

If you wish to organise a race at night, our glow sticks will allow you to mark out the route for the participants. Indeed, our glow sticks have many advantages for outdoor use:

  • they are water and weatherproof
  • they are durable: the sticks can withstand a fall of more than 3 metres
  • long use time without the need for batteries

Thanks to these high intensity lights, your route will be easily identifiable in all conditions and equipped with your own glow stick, you will have a light source that will accompany you throughout your race or trail. You can enjoy your favourite sport all night in complete safety.

Cyalume regularly equips runners in France’s Marathon des Sables to support them in their challenge: even if the weight of the backpack is a key element to take into account, Cyalume sticks have it all: “a few extra grams for all the benefits they bring? Worth it!” Congratulations to you Jeff and Fred, you are the Champions!

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Night stage for the runners of the Marathon des Sables

Spot runners at night

Night lighting for hiking

Wayfinding and individual lighting

Hiking: effective ground marking with Cyalume glow sticks

Beyond the safety aspect, our glow sticks can also be used to mark out a path and allow you to hike at night as well as during the day. Simply snap the glow stick to activate a powerful light to make sure your path is bright and safe.

Progress in the dark has never been easier thanks to our chemiluminescent glow sticks! The long glow time of the sticks (several hours) guarantees you a long hike at any time of day. Its shape also means that you can benefit from 360° of unobstructed light. Water-resistant and suitable for any terrain (our sticks are waterproof and shock-resistant), they will look after you during all your outings on foot, snowshoes or during orienteering races…

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Hunting: secure hunting areas with Cyalume glow sticks

The glow sticks can be used to mark a hunting area to prevent others who may be in the area from straying into dangerous territory.

The powerful light emitted by the sticks will be highly visible and guarantee everyone’s safety. The glow sticks are waterproof and shock-resistant. They are also non-toxic, allowing them to be placed on the ground or on plants without causing damage. Your hunting trip will therefore be a pleasant and stress-free experience, and above all it will be completely safe.

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Hunting during dark hours with light markers

Identify and mark an area

Airsoft in dark areas or at night

To mark and find your way

Airsoft: Cyalume light sticks for playing field lighting

Airsoft is generally enjoyed on large areas of land. It is therefore advisable to properly mark the ground to secure the perimeter. Glow sticks can be used as markers to mark off the game area so that participants can easily recognise the area in which they are playing. The intense light will remain constant for several hours so the fall of night doesn’t have to stop the fun.

Marking the field with our lights is also a very good way to indicate to people near the area that they should not cross this boundary for their own safety.

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