Cyalume 40mm low velocity ammunition, chemiluminescent ammunition for training, an ideal alternative to traditional pyrotechnical ammunition

Chemiluminescent ammunition hits generate realistic impact signatures and are non-pyrotechnical, without any risk of exposing in the event of a misfire (green ammunition). They are not incendiary and do not require any action by mine clearing teams. They are also environmentally friendly.
Being a less costly and less dangerous alternative to traditional pyrotechnical ammunition, CyMunition was also developed as a means of cutting the costs associated directly with toxic pollutants generated by misfires and the fires that sometimes ensue.
CyMunitions are used for training, identification, marking and signaling. Cyalume medium caliber payloads offer high performance in terms of illumination and duration with unrivaled operating capabilities in dry or wet environments. Their operation is very discrete, leaving no signs of visible light.
Cyalume Technologies is proud to be the only manufacturer which has defined a chemiluminescent munitions technology.

Cyalume 40mm medium caliber ammunition applications

  • TRAINING munitions – Enable combatants to train without any worries about safety, the usual case when conventional munitions are being used.
  • MARKING munitions – By day and by night, CyMunition grenades provide visible and discrete marking solutions.

Description of the Cyalume 40 mm Low Velocity training cartridge:

Cyalume grenades are a fixed ammunition type to be fired by 40 mm grenade launchers.

For use as weaponry:

This training ammunition or practice grenade can be used with the M203, M79, HK269 F weapons and with any other compatible 40 mm grenade launchers qualified by NATO.

training ammunition low velocity
marking cymunition low velocity medum caliber 40mm

How does a Cyalume training ammunition round differ from the other ammunition available in the market?

The Cyalume 40mm exercise grenade is not pyrotechnical.

CyMunition chemiluminescent ammunition is 100% non-pyrotechnical, eliminating any risk of fire during training operations.
Every year, training with conventional munitions leads to fires and a loss of many hours of training because there is no question of training during particularly dry periods.

The Cyalume practice grenade is green

Cymunition grenades do not cause unexploded ordnance (UXO). Cyalume medium-size exercise grenades reduce cleaning times and improve training conditions, allowing realistic training scenarios to be performed in Maneuver Training Centers.

The payload of the Cyalume munition consists of a chemical composition that is respectful of the environment

Unlike most conventional munitions, the CyMunition chemiluminescent technology eliminates harmful and costly consequences that can affect health and the environment.

  • Phthalate free
  • Non-toxic
  • perchlorate free
  • Non-incendiary
  • Non-energy producing

Savings made using Cyalume training munitions

CyMunition payloads are similar in terms of costs to traditional munition payloads but offer considerable savings because they do away with the cost of eliminating unexploded ordnance which multiplies the firing cost of traditional munitions threefold.

  • The estimated cost of cleaning the environment caused by toxins contained in traditional training munitions in and around training zones is in excess of $20 billion (1).
  • The new Cyalume 40 mm chemiluminescent exercise grenades represent a saving of $75/round compared to conventional training munitions, as stipulated in the 2003 Report by the American Department of Defense.
  • CyMunition payloads enable units to train and become operational in wet or dry weather conditions. Combat troops can complete their training cycles in the allotted times and within the budget.

(1) Source: 2001 US Department of Defense