Mine-cleared Routes Marking System

Razorback™ is the latest innovative system in terms of route protection for the passage of convoys, marking mine-cleared routes, and visible by day and by night or in the darkest conditions (infrared – IR). The system can be used for marking out roads without involving men on the ground because it can be operated from the interior of the vehicle by a manual remote control. The Razorback system is easy to install and maintain. It requires very few electronic components and sensors.

The unique Razorback concept makes it the ideal complement to any armored vehicle handling the security of the routes taken by convoys.
Razorback is a rugged system giving its operators built-in redundancy. It uses proven technology based on ChemLight products by Cyalume (chemiluminescence), adapted in this case to marking mine-cleared routes.

Razorback is a dual unit system easily mounted to the two rear sides of an armored vehicle. In operation, the system activates then dispenses the Cyalume LightShape circular markers, identifying the route. It lays a visible route guide that the succession of convoy vehicles follows.
The system can be set to two different speeds in order to suit the terrain and the visibility conditions. LightShape devices come in 5 visible colors and in an infrared version, offering a variety of marking solutions. They provide an easy way of marking the routes while giving the operator direct access to the system, even if the convoy is already on the move.
Razorback is the latest innovative solution for mine-cleared route marking, and is also simple and unique to implement.

The Razorback began as a cooperation project between the British Ministry of Defense and PA Consulting of London (Great Britain) using Cyalume LightShape markers as marking devices. The system is intended for current and future operations in the field.

LightShape circular markers for Razorback illumination of cleared routes

LightShape circular markers for Razorback

LightShape Activation and dispensing device on Razorback system to mark mined-cleared routes

Activation and dispensing device

razorback manual control system for marking mine-cleared routes

Razorback manual control

Lighting marker ejection chute to mark mine-cleared routes

LightShape marker ejection chute