Military & Public Order

Cyalume, the armed forces’ ideal tactical lighting.

The Cyalume light stick, a basic piece of equipment that every soldier needs.

A range of glow sticks that have been adapted to meet the needs of the different army corps

Cyalume, the armed forces’ ideal tactical lighting.

Cyalume is the only supplier of chemlight products that is under contract with the NATO in Europe and the USA. Used by armed forces around the world, Cyalume light sticks or other Cyalume markers can be used to mark, tag, signal and identify in the most dangerous situations such as combat operations or natural disasters. Cyalume products, which are developed in close collaboration with the US Army, are historically intended to be used by NATO forces and meet all the demands of a soldier. They are an integral part of the basic equipment that a soldier needs. As the unique manufacturer that meets the requirements of the armed forces, Cyalume remains the only supplier whose products have been tested and approved by NATO in compliance with the specifications of the NATO Stock Numbers (NSN). Cyalume is therefore the authorized manufacturer for purchases in the database of products with NATO-referenced NSNs. Cyalume France manufactures and distributes visible and infrared tactical lighting in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Light sticks and other Cyalume marking/identification products are useful for law enforcement officials.

Light sticks and marking solutions for law enforcement agencies.

Cyalume products are used by all law enforcement agencies:

  • national police force,
  • police station,
  • municipal police forces but also by
  • specialized units such as SWAT teams, GIGN, PGHM, PSPG…

In a control and patrol context, Cyalume products can be useful during road traffic, with reporting road accidents, with obstacles, and can also help with inspection and control, etc. They can also allow the marking and beaconing of certain perimeters and other inspected areas. In terms of more sensitive matters, Cyalume products can be used as a means of identifying (friends/enemies) or even in the context of surveillance operations.

The infrared version of Cyalume chemlight sticks used by the police force.

Discreet idendification methods adapted to tactical operations.