Fusion Thermal and Infrared Identification Patches

thermal patch on helmet

Thermal ID Patches for Helmet

Thermal ID Patches for Personnel rescue

Thermal Identification Patches for Personnel

Thermal Combat Identification Panel for vehicles combat tanks

Thermal Combat Identification Panel

Vehicle Thermal Identification patch

Vehicle Thermal Identification patch

thermal and infrared identification patch

Fusion Thermal and Infrared Identification patches

Thermal Identification panels and patches made from a passive material (3-5 & 8-12 micron), intended for outdoor use, will reflect thermal energy when exposed outdoors (on a clear day, sky temperature can drop to -30°C) and appear as a contrasting cold area on thermal device.

The thermal Identificatiuon products can be used both with 3-5 microns devices and with 8-12 microns devices.
Typical detection distance is 500m to 5km, depending on devices used and climatic conditions.