What is a NSN? the NSPA and a Cage Code?

What is a product with a NATO Stock Number (NSN)?

Cyalume is the only supplier authorized by NATO forces for the supply of lightsticks and other chemiluminescent products in the Cyalume range. This means that it is the only manufacturer authorized for purchases through the NSN (NATO stock number) product data with NATO references. All the Cyalume products have been tested in the field, approved by NATO and conform to the NSN specification.
Cyalume is the only supplier of chemiluminescent products under a NATO contract in Europe and in the USA.
Companies supplying lightsticks with packaging marked NSN need to attract your attention. It is more than probable that these are products with temporary NSN or special qualifications, purchased from other countries, or self-certified products under final NATO NSN conditions and that the products do not meet the NSN specifications required and have still not been tested by NATO.

It is up to you to check the legitimacy of these products with respect to NATO specifications.
Please feel free to get in touch with us for any specific support regarding military calls for tenders.

What is the NSPA regulation?

NSPA (Nato Support and Procurement Agency), is the primary agency in charge of logistics support at NATO. The main purpose of the agency is to group together the needs of the countries, centralizing logistic management activities, bringing international competition into play, and checking the cost and quality of the services supplied to customers.
With the NSPA system, NATO Armed Forces can order items selected by the NATO Logistic Stock Exchange (NLSE) via their centralized logistic systems: DCMAT/ SIMAT, SERMACOM…
An automated and instant email message is then sent to the Cyalume customer support department.

The advantages of ordering via NSPA are:

  • Speedy execution
  • Priority given to your order over direct sales
  • Guaranteed best contractual rates in the market
  • Products guaranteed to NSN standards
NSPA logo NATO contract with Cyalume