Light sticks for leisure and outdoor activities

Cyalume, an autonomous lighting solution that will help identify / illuminate / or mark areas during leisure activities at night or in dark environments

The Cyalume glow stick, a basic piece of equipment that you should keep with you

During leisure time, stay safe with reliable lighting that is guaranteed to work even after several years

The Cyalume light stick, used to see and to be seen

To make you feel secure during outdoor activities, the Cyalume glow stick is the ideal accessory to bring with you. During all outdoor leisure activities, you might need an extra or emergency light in case of a problem.

Cyalume light sticks are perfect for using when doing all kinds of sports such as those practiced in white water, mountain and hill sports, as well as water sports at sea or on lakes. Generally speaking, if you’re doing an activity at night, or in a dark environment, it is strongly recommended that you bring a Cyalume in order to be visible, easily identifiable or to find your way around in case someone calls for help.

The Cyalume light stick and its different designs (size, color, shape, intensity…) You will be able to carry a reliable and safe product that is capable of performing different functions such as those mentioned in the sections below for just one Euro or more.