Safety and Emergency

Cyalume, a self-contained emergency lighting unit for your safety

The Cyalume glow stick, a battery-free lighting 100% secure

A range of light sticks that satisfy all the needs required for emergency and supplementary lighting in complete safety

The Cyalume stick, your ally that will keep you safe

Cyalume light sticks are very useful in civil security as well as for companies and administrations where the objective is to keep the public and employees safe.

Firefighters have been increasingly incorporating Cyalume light sticks into their response protocols during their emergency and rescue operations, regardless of their specialty (Rescue, clearing, GRIMP, water rescue, diving…).

Industries and other companies that have outdoor or indoor activities also use Cyalume light sticks as maintenance lighting, and for lighting of evacuations.

Companies or places open to public such as hospitals, schools, retirement homes, hotels or public events, often need emergency lighting. The safety of employees and customers/patients is important.

In the event of an electrical problem, Cyalume is able to provide you with lighting that is 100% reliable and guaranteed in all sorts of circumstances. Even at home, think of our light sticks for you and your children.