Lighting in the event of power cuts

Emergency lighting in the event of a power failure

Light up and find your way in the dark in the event of power cuts

What lighting options are available in the event of a power failure?

In the event of climatic disturbances, grid failures or peak electricity consumption, our power grids are sometimes unstable and cause power outages.

Our dependence on electricity is such that during a power cut, we find it almost impossible to go about our daily lives. It goes without saying that the first thing everyone wants to do when a power cut occurs and it is no longer light outside, is to find a safe light source to find their way around a house or apartment that is completely dark.

Candles and torches, although used quite frequently, have their limits:

  • a candle needs to have something to light it (matches or lighter) and is not the safest way; a candle that spills on a tablecloth or carpet may start a fire
  • a torch works with batteries and unless you regularly check the status of these batteries, its use can be seriously compromised if they are defective or have run out of charge. Moreover, especially in large houses, the idea of buying a torch for every room does not seem practical.

The Cyalume stick, a solution for lighting during power cuts

There is nothing like using Cyalume glow sticks if there is no power at home or in the office. Due to their affordable price and long shelf life (up to 5 years!), it is easy to fully equip your home with emergency lighting.

Completely self-lighting, they are free from flammability, sparks and heat generation. It is a safe way to obtain emergency lighting that is quick and easy to use. To find out more about Cyalume glow sticks click here!

Having a glow stick in your hand means being able to navigate in the dark, making the right decisions during an evacuation, avoiding possible moments of panic, reassuring children in the dark and waiting until normality returns in the best possible conditions.

Cyalume glow sticks are useful in case of power cuts

Cyalume at home: safer than a candle and works every time