Razorback route mine clearance system hand controller

The Razorback hand controller is central to the system because, with its 20 speeds, it can be used for adjusting the dispensing speed of the LightShape light circle markers placed on the ground, from 1 marker dispensed per second up to 1 marker every 20 seconds.

Colored LEDs on the hand controller indicate the number of markers remaining in the magazines at time T.
The operator can choose to activate the hand controller on the left and on the right at the same time, or independently, to mark a cleared route, a perimeter, or a demarcated area of terrain. It is also possible to dispense a single LightShape marker by simply pressing a button.

The LED indicators show clearly the storage level of the marker magazines. After reloading with LightShape markers, and to reset the volume indicator, the operator simply needs to press the assigned button. Jam indicators indicate any blocking that could occur in the chutes.

This hand controller runs on 110V 60Hz or on 240V 50Hz.

All the buttons and controls are easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

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