Battery-free and easy to use

In darkness or semi-darkness, a handy light can be very useful.

Whether in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or the middle of the water with a power failure, a quick snap of a Cyalume glow stick could be a great help. Although not as effective as a torch, its ease of use and durability make it your friend in case of an emergency for many years to come. It can provide you with a low-level lighting of variable brightness depending on which size and model you choose. For example, our large (40cm) 5 min orange glow stick in our ultra high intensity range will impress you with its superior lighting power

Portable lighting for finding your way at night

To see and be seen in normal circumstances, but also to be visible in case of emergency

Water sports

If you have an accident and need to be rescued, a Cyalume light stick would give you hours of battery-free light.

This gives you time to find a place to shelter in an emergency or during a storm, but also to be clearly visible to rescue teams on the ground and in the air.

The range of the light emitted can be very large, which makes it easy to be located, even from very far away. It’s a bit like a distress flare.

Diving: light up the depths

When you are in a dark place (exploring a wreck or the seabed) you may need a powerful light to see the environment clearly. Our glow sticks will guarantee visibility in all circumstances for several minutes or even several hours depending on the type of glow stick you choose.

Fully waterproof, the Cyalume stick can be very useful during your scuba diving expeditions.

Battery-free light for diving

Even deep underwater the Cyalume works flawlessly

The Cyalume stick compact lighting on the waves

To avoid draining your batteries or finding they are flat when you need them most

Boating: in case of electrical damage on board a boat, the Cyalume stick can be your saviour.

You may need to use emergency lights when sailing at night. For this application, our glow sticks come in different colours: white, red, green. This is a good replacement for faulty starboard/port side lights, masthead lights or stern lights.

In the event of an electrical problem on board your ship, you may also need to use Cyalume light sticks to provide extra lighting at night or even during the day in dark areas of the boat where there are no windows or openings to allow daylight to enter.

Camping: brighten up your nights in nature with Cyalume glow sticks

As night falls, it is important to have a battery-free light source to enjoy your evenings. Whether in a wilderness campground, a log cabin or a campsite, our glow sticks will offer you a bright light source.

Deployed as portable lighting, the glow sticks are very easy to activate and can be used in your tent or camper van.

By activating your Cyalume, you will benefit from a light that works without the need for batteries. Indeed, as well as being battery-free, it is waterproof and gives-off an intense and long-lasting light. To activate, snap and shake the neon tube so the particles contained in the liquids mix to create a powerful, 360° light which glows for several hours.

Back-up lighting for camping

Easy to use in a variety of places