The LightShape light circle marker: circle marker by Cyalume

The LightShape light circle marker is a circular marker with adhesive on one side for easy attachment. LightShape also known as the light disc measures 3” (8 cm) in diameter and is used for identifying and marking people, buildings or vehicles. It is also possible to write a message on this light circle to provide more information.

The many uses of the LightShape light circles used by the military, law enforcement or civil security people, include:

  • Convoy marking,
  • Vehicle marking,
  • Individual marking,
  • Medical triage, Medical evacuation (Medevac),
  • Marking out of danger zones or obstacles,
  • Target designation

To activate the light circle, apply pressure to the center of the light circle so that the two bulbs inside the light disc break. Finalize activation by shaking. After a few minutes, optimal lighting is obtained. The light circle can then be placed on and affixed to any smooth surface to identify a building, a person…

The LightShape light circle marker: to easily identify by the color

The LightShape is a light circle marker with an adhesive side. It’s also called sometimes light disk. It measures 3 inch in diameter (7,5cm) and is an easy identification tool to mark, identifiy, signal…Available in different colors, they can be used as follows:

  • to mark a person who works on a maintenance site,
  • to mark a hazardous area or to identify obstacles in particular,
  • to illuminate an area to evacuate by positionning light patches in a form of a luminous pathway,
  • to organize a medical triage operation by using different colors to categorize injured people…

The LightShape light marker by Cyalume is an ideal multifunction product. In the area of leisure there are many other way to use it such as:

  • identify a biker or a hiker by sticking the lighted patch on his helmet or on his backpack,
  • identify different people during a party, an animation, an incentive, a group workshop, a team building
  • decorate ceilings and walls of celebration / parties places, for an orginal and exceptional atmosphere…

The Cyalume LightShape light circle marker is composed of a transparent side and an adhesive side coated with an adhesive film protected by a film that can be removed  by pulling the tab. To activate the light marker, here are the different steps to follow:

  • press in then center of the light circle marker until the two internal ampoules break,
  • shake,
  • the optimum illumination is reached after a few minutes,
  • stick on a smooth surface.

The adhesive used is a product responding to the particular NATO standards; it has a significant adhesive capacity that allows an adherence to all types of supports with high degrees of cleanliness. Designed for smooth and solid surfaces, the LightShape light marker adheres also on tissues and neoprene suits. After use, remove the LightShape patch carefully. Cyalume’s responsability  can not be involved if sensitive surfaces or tissues are damaged when removing the marker.

Packs (products in the same color)

10 pcs
100 pcs

Durations and colors

4 hours | Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue
8 hours | Infrared
3 hours | Infrared

Shelf life

4 years for visible colors
3 years for infrared

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Diameter: 77 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Weight: 14 grams

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