Magnetic base (military use) for lightsticks

The military model of the magnetic base is designed for use with Cyalume lightsticks. It has a powerful magnet (bigger than the magnetic base of the safety model) and a thread designed to mate with all the Cyalume lightsticks (except for the 15” IMPACT lightstick (40cm) which has a ring at either end).

The magnetic base attaches to any magnetic or metal surface. It holds the Cyalume lightstick vertical to optimize its visibility and make the most of its illuminating power. To use the magnetic base, simply insert a lightstick in the threaded hole in the base and screw it in. Then attach the magnetic base to a metal surface.

Please take all necessary precautions regarding the powerful magnetic strength of this accessory. Its fixing to sensitive surfaces can cause scratching. Take care to avoid it.


by the unit
carton of 25pcs



Dimensions and Weight (single)

Height: 35 mm
Diameter: 55 mm
Weight: 85 g

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