Retro-reflective and photoluminescent PT-Belt 5.5′ (1.70m)

The PT-Belt is a retro-reflective and photoluminescent belt which is available in 6 colors and is 5,5′ long (1,70m). It is manufactured from Cyalume CyFlect material with properties of retro-reflection and photoluminescence in a single product.

The retro-reflection means that the belt returns the light received at time T. The photoluminescence makes the belt visible in the dark because it is previously charged with light. This captured light is returned when the belt is in the dark.

The belt is 5cm wide and adjustable thanks to a buckle and a Velcro attachment. The Velcro attachment can also be used for attaching a badge or an embroidered patch showing the bearer’s rank.

The PT-Belt identification belt is a way of quickly identifying and signaling people moving around in the dark.

The PT-Belt requires to be charged with light (daylight or electric light) to operate and glow for up to 8 hours in the dark. It is advisable to place it near a source of light (sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent light) for 20 to 30 minutes before use.


by the unit


Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, White


5cm x 1,70cm

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