Emergency lighting solutions for public places: hotels, offices and businesses, schools, hospitals, care homes…

Cyalume® emergency lights for public places; preventing accidental slips and falls in the dark

In the event of a power failure, fire or natural disasters such as an earthquake, storms and floods, Cyalume glow sticks are there to light your way. Not only preventing falls but reducing the panic of being unable to see in the dark.

Cyalume’s lighting solutions are 100% reliable, which makes them indispensable in high-risk situations by facilitating safe evacuation of guests and staff.

SnapLight glow sticks and LightStation can be used for the safety of people in hotels, schools, care homes and hospitals…but also for employees working in an office setting.

Evacuation of hotel guests using light sticks

to facilitate evacuation operations with flawless individual light sources
Individual emergency lights in the event of power cuts in hotels
Cyalume glow sticks can be customised to the hotel’s colours

Emergency lighting solutions for the evacuation of hotel guests

All hotel professionals are concerned about the safety and comfort of their customers. Cyalume glow sticks are emergency lights designed to help you find your way in the dark and avoid accidental slips and falls.

Already used by Hyatt, Intercontinental and many other renowned hotel groups, these lights are easy for your guests to activate in the event of power cuts, evacuations, or when light is needed after any type of disaster!

The two Cyalume products that are recommended to satisfy your hotel risk management needs are:

  • SnapLight 15cm glow sticks with a range of personalisation options for packaging (see description below). The 15cm SnapLight glow sticks are affordable enough so that they can be given to every guest upon their arrival or placed as standard in guest rooms for complete peace of mind. Our glow sticks, when placed in the drawer of a bedside table for example, are a reliable lighting solution that is always ready for use in the event of a power failure.
  • LightStation Model 20 a 20-pack of emergency glow sticks made from high-strength plastic are ideal for placing next to emergency exits. When activated, the light sticks provide 360° of light to see and be seen in the dark.

Whichever option you choose, this type of lighting makes it possible to calmly manage any type of crisis. The glow stick:

  1. Prevents accidental slips and falls
  2. Helps to avoid panic in the dark
  3. Offers each customer individual evacuation lighting
  4. Ensures that those evacuated are clearly visible to emergency services

In addition to hotels, holiday villages, tourist complexes and even holiday centres with bungalows spread over a large area can also be equipped with this type of emergency lighting in order to mitigate any risk and help with possible evacuations. Some companies are now deciding to equip their emergency kits with glow sticks as standard to mark routes and highlight assembly points during evacuation procedures. The glow sticks remain 100% functional for up to 5 years rendering your initial outlay much more cost effective. Indeed, these lights have no batteries, do not require any inspection or maintenance and will operate without problems when called upon.

Packaging can be personalised with your hotel’s colours

To highlight how much your brand cares for the customer, you can order personalised packaging for the 15cm SnapLight light sticks to show that their safety is not an afterthought and that the presence of our glow sticks has been carefully considered.

Emergency lighting for schools: Our glow sticks are a useful addition to any Emergency Grab Bag in schools.

It has become more important given the current climate of large-scale emergencies that every building open to the public be prepared for the worst. Emergency Grab Bags containing everything you need to keep your clients and employees safe in the event of an emergency have become commonplace and it is crucial to have the right equipment readily available in a time of need. Lighting solutions should be one of the first items on your list and traditionally, a classic battery operated torch is chosen.

  • The key questions are: How reliable are the batteries in the torches ?
  • How can you ensure the safety of children in case of evacuation in the dark?
  • Are there even enough emergency lights to ensure a safe, worry free evacuation?

Our glow sticks can allay your fears !Cyalume glow sticks are activated with a simple click and are guaranteed to work! The sticks are easy to use, provide 360° light, last for up to 12 hours, are battery-free, maintenance-free, non-toxic and non-flammable. They are therefore a perfect solution when caring for children.

For a modest unit price, Cyalume products are proving to be an easy, effective solution that allows you to fully stock your Grab Bags without breaking the bank. LightShape light way-markers with a self-adhesive side can be attached to people or walls. and can be used to highlight people or to mark out evacuation paths…

Cyalume glow sticks in schools

in Grab Bags or in Lightstations

Emergency lighting during a power cut

Emergency lighting in care homes or hospitals

Emergency lighting for care homes and hospitals

Emergency lights are essential for the elderly

In an elderly care setting, Cyalume helps you to meet emergency planning requirements and provide measures to ensure the safety of residents in the event of a failure of the power supply. Cyalume solutions prevent falls and disorientation in the dark with products that are 100% reliable, independent and activated with a simple snap:

  • LightStation points containing our glow sticks can be installed near resident’s rooms on the different floors of the nursing home or near the emergency exits
  • There are 2 sizes to choose from, either a 15cm or 30cm glow stick to best suit your application.
  • Maintenance the 15cm sticks can be used as for working in confined spaces with low light

Cyalume glow sticks are safe and do not require batteries, unlike candles or torches. We recommend our lighting system for care homes to guarantee safety and peace of mind for all.

Emergency lights, in the event of a power failure in hospitals

Hospitals should be equipped with reliable, high-quality lighting to offer an environment conducive to healing. Brightness plays an essential role in patient healing and a lighting or power failure can have harmful consequences: both physically and mentally, which can then lead to serious complications in the patient’s recovery process.

Cyalume’s emergency lighting solutions (in particular through its LightStation – wall boxes containing light sticks that can be activated at any time) provide hospitals with emergency lighting in the event of any type of crisis. These glow sticks are intended to complement the glow-in-the-dark evacuation signs already in place throughout the building and to provide additional light allowing you to find your way in the dark and make the evacuation process more comfortable.

In addition, light markers (also called light patches) can be useful in medical triage to identify the degree of urgency of patients’ treatment, and to establish a treatment priority.

Emergency lighting for public events

Whether it is a concert, a sporting event (like a football match), a trade fair or exhibition, a music festival or a public celebration safety is an extremely important consideration. Precautions must be taken to plan for disasters, such as terrorist attacks, that have become more common in recent years.

Each event is now the subject of heightened security and with detailed alert plans where emergency lighting is essential in many different areas.
To ensure effective event management and security, Cyalume light tubes:

  • Contribute to the safety of rescue teams (namely police and security guards.) by wearing highly visible, luminous markings, anybody involved in event security can be clearly seen by the public, reinforcing feelings of public safety,
  • Facilitates emergency response: light markers can be used to perform medical triage and prioritise the treatment of injured people,
  • Facilitates evacuations: Cyalume lights are portable and can help you find your way in the dark thus facilitating evacuation
  • avoiding mass panic: a glow stick can reassure a person who has just been shocked by an accident, an attack, or any other type of unpredictable event. Having a personal and reliable source of light makes it possible to see and be seen in the dark and to help you regain your composure and clearly assess the situation.

Mark and tag at public events

Easy-to-use lighting devices to ensure public safety