A Mini Cyalume, is the fisherman’s must-have accessory!

When fishing late in the day or at night, light-up your lines with Mini Cyalume

As fishing enthusiasts know, you can use Mini Cyalume glow sticks when sea fishing at night to monitor your line more easily. Embedded in the float, the lights allow you to clearly see when you have a nibble.

Float with Mini Cyalume glow stick

Glowing fishing lure

Don’t lose sight of your line with the Cyalume glow stick

When heading out to sea to enjoy night fishing, it is important to know if the fish are taking the bait. This is not necessarily easy in low light conditions.

To help you see, attach a glowstick to the tip of your rod and it will show you what is biting: useful for both fresh-water fishing with a light-up float or when using a lure for deep-sea fishing. Waterproof and environmentally friendly (non-toxic and non-polluting), the Cyalume Mini Glow Stick is activated when you ‘snap’ the stick and the liquids in the tube mix to create a long-lasting light source.

Night fishing is made easy by choosing our products adapted to extreme conditions, offering an unequalled visibility thanks to the intense light emitted by our glow sticks.

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Fishing safely with Cyalume glow sticks

Even as an experienced fisherman, you may experience some mishaps while out fishing in your boat be it at sea or on river. Maritime law requires that on each boat, operating or parked on open water, all persons on board must have an individual light device available to them in case of emergency.

If your boat’s engine conks out and leaves you alone in the middle of the water at night… Don’t panic: Thanks to the Cyalume glow stick, you will have access to a powerful light so that you can be spotted by rescue teams or other boats. Once activated, you can benefit from a high visibility light for up to 12 hours (depending on the model).

The glow stick can be attached to your person with a carabiner or you can simply keep it handy in case of emergency.

Mandatory emergency lighting on boats

Don’t leave dry land without your Cyalume….