Autonomous lighting that can be used for maintenance activities and for tracking people

An effective light source that can be used for inspecting confined areas such as mines

Illuminate and mark in order to secure operations.

Mining Sector

Cyalume offers glow sticks that meet the standards of safety that are required and expected in confined environments. Cyalume sticks can be used to illuminate, identify and protect in the mining sector. They can be used for ground markings, medical triage and also as a personal tracking device for when it is dark.

All Cyalume sticks comply with U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) lighting regulations for mine rescue chambers and can be used for:

  • road marking
  • identification of personnel
  • medical triage

Highly visible in dangerous areas, Cyalume light sticks are reliable and can be added to first aid kits in order to ensure the safety of miners.

Cyalume products are non-flammable and therefore comply with ATEX regulations, which is an advantage for miners who are constantly exposed to potential underground gas emissions.

Oil & Gas – Offshore

Cyalume Technologies asserts its position as a reliable partner offering safety solutions for the oil and gas industry and more particularly for the offshore market. Our wide range of emergency lighting solutions allows for a safer environment both for the infrastructure and for any teams working on site.

These products can be used in the following cases:

  • emergency evacuation,
  • marking out areas where there is maintenance work going on,
  • in first aid kits,
  • use as a diving accessory for underwater repair
  • refuelling with breadcrumb or lifeline marking.

Although ensuring the safety of both crews and men working on site is one of the key elements of our strategy, all situations, including the most unpredictable ones, must be considered and planned for. There is one question that absolutely must be answered in the event of a general power cut and during night work: have a reliable emergency lighting solution at your disposal; this is what Cyalume can provide.

Emergency lighting solutions that have been adapted to meet your needs

Designed to help save lives, our products address the concerns surrounding the evacuation procedures of offshore companies. The safety of the people at work is also one of Cyalume’s main concerns. With our range of industrial safety light sticks, we provide safe and ready-to-use lights that can be used in dangerous conditions by staff operating on offshore platforms or in gas or oil refineries.

Reducing risks in emergency situations is at the focus of the concerns of companies operating in the oil and gas sectors, particularly when staff are exposed. Developed in cooperation with the rail industry for compliance with underground travel and set up by major offshore companies in the Middle East, the “LightStation” wall-mounted evacuation box is an important safety device and a reference for companies aware of risk management and the safety side of things.
These boxes are made of fire and explosion resistant plastic or metal containing 4, 10 or 20 light sticks. These boxes should ideally be placed in corridors or technical cabinets. In the event of an emergency evacuation or sudden need for light sources, these boxes can be opened by lowering the front panel of the Lightstation. The sticks inside the box are ready to use as safety or emergency lighting; they are 100% safe and reliable.

All Cyalume light sticks can be used in confined spaces, including ATEX environments. In addition, with a shelf life of 5 years and battery free, our SnapLight light sticks are always ready to be used. They work reliably every time and are maintenance-free.

Cyalume lights are 100% reliable. They do not emit flames, sparks, heat or gas.

Our aim is to develop something that ensures the safety of people with but is also easy to use.

Mark and tag in order to identify areas

Autonomous ATEX lighting for safe maintenance operations

Cyalume products protect people at work. Their effectiveness is guaranteed.

Maintenance / Repair Operations

In industry, there is lots of maintenance work and therefore, some of it must be done at night or in very dark areas where inspections can be difficult to carry out due to lack of light. In this respect, the main aim of companies is to reduce risks for staff to a minimum, increase the level of safety and also have reliable lighting in order to maintain, repair and take action under the best possible conditions.

In order to do this, Cyalume Technologies offers chemiluminescent products that provide reliable and maintenance-free lighting. They can be used as supplementary lights in order to provide light or to examine something, as emergency lights, as personal protective equipment (PPE) or even as lighting for evacuations.

  • When used as personal protective equipment, Cyalume products can be used as individual markings in order to clearly and easily identify staff on site.
  • The light sticks provide safe lighting that can be used for the maintenance of equipment located in ATEX areas.
  • Sticks can mark dangerous areas, mark particular equipment or even mark specific intervention areas. They can therefore prevent someone from slipping and falling. They can also mark out an exit and the way to access it in order to avoid any kind of panic in the event of an evacuation.

Professional Diving / Underwater Maintenance & Repair

Cyalume offers a wide range of light sticks that can be used for diving activities, especially during saturation diving*, that provide reliable, autonomous and waterproof underwater lighting for:

  • marking diving equipment (e.g. a surface marker buoy that indicates the presence of an underwater diver in a certain area on its surface),
  • to distinguish between the different divers,
  • mark crane hooks in lifting operations,
  • illuminate underwater search and rescue operations conducted by professional rescue divers,
  • attach to a snorkel in order to use it under or on the surface of water
  • mark certain areas or pieces of equipment during an underwater repair
  • identify the area before an intervention
  • the identification of an underwater work area (work on cracks in dams or floodgates, etc.)
  • during a dive under the hull of a boat
  • and for all underwater maintenance work (welding, crack obstructions…)

* Divers work here under extreme conditions, several hundred meters deep, by carrying out risky work.

When a small light marker is attached or stuck to a scuba tank, the light produced by the Cyalume light stick or patch is discreet and can help divers to locate other divers that are above or below.

These days, many surface marker buoys now have a small pocket at the top of the bag. This pocket can be used to hold a Cyalume SnapLight stick. By holding it in the air, the diver will become much more visible against the surface of the water in the dark.

Cyalume products are easy to use, waterproof and buoyant and ensure a high level of safety. They are fully compliant with the NORSOK and HSE guidelines. In terms of efficiency, Cyalume light tubes surpass the requirements that users want for a reliable light source for diving activities.

Marking checkpoints in professional diving

Cyalume light sticks can be used to mark and identify areas underwater without having any effect on their performance.

Autonomous ATEX lighting for safe maintenance operations

Cyalume products protect people at work. Their effectiveness is guaranteed.

Nuclear and petrochemical sector

In the nuclear industry, companies are constantly concerned about having personal lighting and protective equipment in order to maintain the physical and moral integrity of their teams or so that they can reduce risks in explosive environments (ATEX) or during maintenance activities that need to be carried out at night.

For that reason. the Health and Safety (HSE) specialists at highly sensitive nuclear sites are also Cyalume users:

  • as part of HP work in order to improve staff visibility
  • as a way of being able to evacuate areas
  • to improve staff tracking
  • for use when marking danger zones, as emergency lighting in confined spaces and in blind workshops
  • as a supplementary light….

Reference customers:

To this day, Cyalume has worked with the FBFC site in Romans for Areva in order to complete the site’s evacuation plan in the event of seismic outage detection. A technical note has been written by AREVA under the number PRO NOT 11 8217.

The site is now equipped with Lightstation Models 20, 10 and 4 as well as magnetic bases with their respective sticks.

Cyalume regularly supplies the FARN (Rapid Action Nuclear Force) and PSPG (Special Protection Squad of the Gendarmerie) units at EDF sites in accordance with established and evolving protocols involving autonomous lighting systems for lighting, beaconing and traffic as well as tactical (infrared) lighting requirements for tracking and for when there are trespassers.

Various sites at AREVA, CEA, ANDRA, ANDRA, ITER and EDF have also tested our products as part of exercises for the purpose of standardizing protocols and generalizing the use of Fukushima pilot devices and units. These efforts are still in progress as part of the goal of meeting the interoperability needs of sites with the application of:

  • marking, signage, identification of staff and equipment,
  • ATEX maintenance lighting solutions
  • evacuation and crisis management systems

Extreme environments

Whether it be accommodation or workplaces in extreme environments such as offshore platforms, industrial sites in the desert, camp bases in dry or hostile environments, Cyalume lighting can be used as emergency lighting, supplementary lighting, lighting in the event of a power outage or even autonomous lighting.

Companies in the oil, mining and construction industries all over the world, often in difficult climatic, environmental and political conditions, can make use of this type of lighting to ensure the safety of their staff, ensure that they’re working and also prevent the risks associated with power outages.

Able to provide a source of light, Cyalume sticks, sometimes called “fluorescent sticks”, are particularly suitable for sensitive or extreme environments. Their performance in terms of illumination and light intensity is guaranteed regardless of where the light stick is used.

Reliable lighting that is also adapted to stand the conditions of weather disasters that often result in power outages

This type of lighting can also be used during extreme and unexpected climatic events, such as storms that cause gusts of wind and precipitation (rain, snow or hail).

In other regions exposed to cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes, Cyalume light sticks have proved to be very useful and valuable as they allow you to be prepared to face these types of climatic events and also reduce the risks involved with them. Adding light sticks to emergency or survival kits could be very useful in the event of a total lack of electricity and to mark, tag and identify after this type of disaster.

Use light marking on helmets in order to identify personnel

Cyalume light sticks used as PPE in order to secure interventions