Cyalume makes it possible to identify people in many situations and better visibility means bretter safety

Be easily spotted to avoid danger.

In any type of outdoor sport, it is essential to be easily identifiable. This becomes increasingly difficult in low-light conditions such as during the night. Carrying a Cyalume, be it a glow stick or a light patch, can be a practical solution that is easy to implement and 100% reliable!

Group of divers tagged with Cyalume glow sticks

Underwater, identify yourself during your diving trips

When scuba diving, spot your divers with the help of our products.

The Cyalume glow stick is ideal for keeping track of your diving team when you are on a group outing. You can see each of the divers who work alongside you in sometimes dark or turbulent waters. You can even choose one colour per diver to tell them apart, which can be very difficult on a typical outing; especially at greater, darker depths Thanks to the fluorescent light of our glow sticks, you need never lose your team members again.

This is even more pertinent during underwater fishing sessions when using harpoons and other underwater weapons: you must be absolutely sure where the other divers are to avoid a terrible accident.

Sailing: in many countries a clear way to identify all of your crew members is mandatory.

Cyalume helps you meet these legal requirements for safety on-board, which have recently been tightened up to improve emergency procedures at sea.

Many countries require an individual light device for each passenger as well as on the boat itself (those with a hull length of 24 metres or less) to ensure they are visible at all times. Cyalume enables you to perfectly meet the requirements of these regulations.

Many do not know what equipment they will need on-board in case of an emergency. Official regulations adapt to the latest developments in yachting such as the need to have appropriate means of communication with other vessels operating in your area as well as making crew responsible for their own safety. One of the major challenges is to ensure that all crew members are fully aware of safety protocols and competent to implement them on board.

The easiest solution is adding a Cyalume stick to each life jacket as it is both at hand in the time of need and economical; the 15cm Snaplight glow stick lasts 5 years as long as it is well preserved in its original packaging so your initial outlay goes a long way! It can be easily attached or slipped into the life jacket pocket and in the case of a man overboard, the glow stick is easily activated and the person who fell into the water will be very easily spotted even from a distance. The Cyalume glow stick is visible from 1.6 km and up to 4.8 km from the sky.

The SOS distress signal may also be an alternative. With a rigid shell, this special glow stick is more protected from blows. It is also equipped with a cord that will allow the person to twirl the stick and create a luminous circle. Lovers of small crafts will appreciate the durable casing of our glow sticks. They can withstand high impact, even if you were to capsize !

Mandatory light source on life jackets

Be equipped with Cyalume to guarantee your safety

Marking Marathon des Sables runners with Cyalume glow sticks

Lighting the finish line at night

Running, trail, trekking, night hiking: use a Cyalume stick to identify yourself and your teammates!

For runners, trekkers, or night hikers, we offer you lighting equipment that will allow you to indulge your passion in complete safety.

Cyalume glow sticks: your essential running companions.

When running, visibility means safety. Ensuring you can be clearly seen, Cyalume glow sticks allow you to run in the evening and at night.

In the twilight or darkness, activate your glow stick so that you can be easily spotted by others but also so that you can see where you are going. Your bright safety light will allow you to be easily located in the event of an accident, for example. During night races you will be amazed at how bright and powerful the glow sticks are. The darkness will no longer be a constraint and you can pound the pavement worry-free.

Thanks to its long-lasting, battery-free glow, you will not have to push yourself too hard to finish your running session before night falls: you will have exceptional visibility of the course and will be easily spotted from a distance. Lightweight and space-saving, the Cyalume glow stick will quickly become an essential part of your equipment. It is easily attached by a hook or carabiner, and is activated by “snapping” the stick.

Maximum visibility during your hikes thanks to Cyalume glow sticks

Especially handy at night, the luminous signal lasts several hours and therefore allows you to hike in complete safety. A useful feature of our products is that, thanks to the many colour options, you could mark each of your hiking companions with a different colour and not only know there is a person in the distance, but exactly who it is!

Bicycle / Mountain bike: make yourself visible to stay safe at night.

In all weather and at all times of the day cyclists must remain visible to motorists. That means you need a reliable artificial light source when cycling at night. Cyalume can help you find the perfect solution.

Cyalume glow sticks and cycling: the key to safety on roads and paths.

Cycling when weather conditions result in poor visibility is often synonymous with accidents due to a lack of visibility for cyclists. Indeed, you need to be well equipped to ensure you are clearly visible to other road users. As well as the standard equipment of helmets and reflective clothing, we recommend the use of our glow sticks to make it even clearer that you are there.

Small in size, waterproof, practical and very easy to use, you can quickly attach your glow stick to your equipment or your bike, using a hook or a carabiner. This extra light can also help you in case of a flat tire: if you need to change your inner tube in the dark, the glow stick will give you with extra light in difficult conditions. This will ensure that you are seen from a distance, even while crouched down behind your bike.

Make sure you are ready for your mountain bike outings at night, by packing a Cyalume glow stick

The Cyalume stick provides you with a powerful and long-lasting light for a thrilling mountain bike session. One of its many advantages is its high impact resistance making it perfect for this extreme sport. So don’t worry, you will be able to enjoy yourself in all types of terrain, even the most rugged, your fluorescent light will accompany you on all the slopes.

This long-lasting glowing signal, attached to your bike or to yourself, means that you will be seen from a very long distance for the duration of your session. You can also use the glow sticks to identify the different participants in a bike ride: the light marking of cyclists is done by giving each one a glow stick, you can even use them to differentiate between different teams of riders by choosing different colours.

With the help of our glow sticks, you will be well equipped to continue developing your passion for off-road biking. View our full product range in our online shop.

Cycling at night improving: your visibility with light

Cyalume glow stick and patch to be seen on the road

Hunter identification with Orange glow stick

Cyalume glow sticks help keep your hunting trips safe

Hunting: Stay visible for your safety with Cyalume’s glow sticks

During a hunting trip, all safety rules must be respected to ensure that each hunter and all members of the public is safe from danger.

Cyalume glow sticks: your essential running companion

Using luminous safety equipment when hunting can be very useful in many situations. The glow sticks provide you with intense, long-lasting light for good visibility on hunting grounds.

Hunting often begins in September and continues until the end of winter. During this period, the weather conditions are not always perfect and rain, fog and mist are your main hunting companions. And that’s without counting the fact that the days are much shorter at this time of year.

With a bright glow stick, hung either by a hook or a carabiner on your jacket, you will be visible from very far away: the intense light emanating from the stick displays your presence to other hunters. You can also use the glow stick by attaching it to your gun dog’s collar so that you don’t lose sight of him and so that he too can be recognised by other hunters as a friend, not foe. You may also want to consider our ultra-flat and ultra-light Lightshape device that can be stuck on your clothes with its self-adhesive side and emits an orange light to show your position in the dark, making it a perfect alternative to our traditional glow sticks.

Airsoft: Identify your airsoft team with Cyalume glow sticks

Glow sticks can be used in recreational activities such as airsoft to identify different players or to mark the playing area.
You can equip the participants in your game with glow sticks that produce intense light to clearly show who is on which team. This outdoor activity is played as a team, so it is important to visualise your team members during an airsoft game.

These sticks, which can be easily hooked to your equipment, provide intense and long-lasting light. These glow sticks guarantee you a high visibility throughout your airsoft game.

Available in different colours, you can also clearly distinguish your teammates from the opposing team eliminating the risk of friendly fire. The sticks are waterproof and shock-resistant. You could also provide all players with different colour sticks so that everyone can indicate if they have been shot and therefore out of play or to signal that there is a problem. This makes it possible to immediately react to situations and therefore to stop or take a break during the game if needed. This light equipment can also be used during airsoft games at night: you will be able to see teams much better.

Airsoft player identification with glow sticks

Mark your area of play and identify your teams with Cyalume sticks