The Cyalume stick: simple and reliable emergency lighting to attract attention

The Cyalume stick, your best friend for all outdoor sports: land or sea

Whether you are a land or water sports enthusiast, your safety is paramount and we strongly recommend including Cyalume glow sticks in your kit. In the event of an accident, the glow stick, activated with a simple snap, will allow the emergency services to locate you easily and save precious minutes.

Emergency lighting in case of an accident at sea

Illuminate and identify yourself to speed up rescue

Boating: Cyalume glow sticks for safety on board your boat

In France for example, it mandatory for all boat passengers (on vessels measuring less that 24m) to have an individual light source to attract attention.
To ensure your safety in the event of an incident at sea, lifejackets must be equipped with lighting that provides visibility for at least 6 hours so that you can be seen and rescued quickly.

Indeed, it is very difficult to spot a person in distress at sea if they do not have a light to attract attention. Life jackets are mandatory for all passengers and must have a personal light source attached (with a standard of snap hook) It is a matter of everyone’s safety.
More recently, it has been stated that pleasure craft operating or parked on exposed inland waters must also follow these regulations: it is required that each person on board must wear an individual Cyalume type light marking device. It must be waterproof and last for at least 6 hours.

This regulation for safety at sea and “exposed inland waters” concerns all boats with a hull length greater than 2.50m and less than 24 metres. Be prepared for water sports. No matter the location, as soon as a person falls into water, it is essential that they have a light source to be able to be located and rescued as quickly as possible.

Water/water sports: the cyalume as mandatory emergency lighting

Enjoy water sports safely with Cyalume glow sticks

Whatever type of water sport you want to try, it goes without saying that safety is paramount.
Although fortunately very rare, things don’t always go as planned… and being lost in the dark or being surprised by particularly extreme weather can be dangerous if you don’t have an emergency tracking system.

Thanks to its long range, the Cyalume glow stick diffuses a fluorescent light that can easily be spotted by emergency teams up to a distance of one kilometre. Usage couldn’t be easier: Simply bend the tube to activate its long-lasting brightness that will allow you to be seen wherever you are.

Why use glow sticks during a water sport outing?

To be able to see and be seen! If you are operating in a dark place, as night falls it will be difficult for you to find your way around the meanders of rivers, mountain passes or at sea.

Emergency lighting required

Stay safe with Cyalume

Emergency lighting for hiking and trekking

See and be seen when hiking at night

Hiking / Trekking: prepare for your outing by packing emergency lights – it is better to be safe than sorry!

A trekking or hiking trip is always a time for fun and relaxation. All the more reason for it to be safe and for every hiker to enjoy it to the full.

Whether it’s at day or night, getting lost on an excursion happens more often than you think. Thanks to our glow sticks, you can emit a bright light at any moment which will make it easier for the emergency services to find you in your time of need. Indeed, our glow sticks are extremely easy to carry, they are small and take up very little space in your backpack. Shock-resistant, the sticks can also be attached directly to your bag using standard or snap hooks.

It is advised that you prepare an emergency kit before heading out, ensuring you have all the necessary medical supplies and rescue equipment at hand – including Cyalume glow sticks!