The 15” Non-Impact lightstick (40cm) is the biggest model from Cyalume

The 15 inch Non-Impact lightstick (40cm) is activated in the usual way, by a twist and shake (unlike the Impact model which is activated by being projected against the ground, wall, or a table corner for instance). The 15” Non-Impact lightstick (40cm) has an attaching ring at the end.

Because it is so big, it provides efficient illumination and is widely used as:

  • emergency lighting
  • maintenance lighting
  • route marking
  • danger signaling

The 15 inch Non-Impact (40cm) by Cyalume comes in visible colors or infrared giving military forces a reliable source of tactical lighting for different types of situations:

  • Marking out landing fields and drop zones,
  • Marking out firing zones,
  • Mine clearance operations,
  • Indicating exit routes and points,
  • Maintenance work in confined and explosive spaces,
  • Immediate illumination of scenes of accident,
  • Road checks at night,
  • Traffic control at night,

The Non-Impact 40cm lightstick used for safety

Cyalume also sells the Non-Impact 40cm model, the longest in the range. It offers optimal lighting with a large lighted surface area. With an attaching ring at one end, it is easy to hang it up or combine it with every type of accessory, for instance the magnetic cone, the work site cone adapter or the directional handle.

Available in several colors, the 40cm light stick is ideal for:

  • marking out a zone,
  • demarcating a perimeter, like a landing strip or a helicopter landing area in the open country,
  • as a means of lighting replacing a flashlight to inspect an area or light it up,
  • identifying the mustering points during evacuation,
  • and many more applications…

As a real alternative for a flashlight or pyrotechnical lighting, the Cyalume 40cm lightsticks provide optimal lighting in a variety of colors to mark out, signal, identify or illuminate site or working areas on an infrastructure at night.
The lightstick operates without a battery or a rechargeable cell and it is easy to handle and activate without the least risk wherever you are: it is ideal for confined spaces or cavities, as it is underwater, or for lighting in the open field.

Packs (products in the same color)

5 pcs
20 pcs

Durations and colors

12 hours | Green, Yellow, Red
8 hours | Blue, White, Infrared
3 hours | Infrared

Shelf life

4 years
3 years for Infrared

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 410 mm
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 92 grams

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