Autonomous emergency or supplementary lighting for automobiles

Marking out areas for road safety

Marking in order to be detected so as to avoid further accidents

Light sticks can be used for safety on the road

Often used to help with car safety, Cyalume light sticks are perfect for and easy to add in emergency kits, survival kits and car road safety kits.

Being waterproof, the light sticks can be used in wet or dry conditions while still being able to provide the amount of light required in low light conditions (semi-darkness, dark areas) or in totaldarkness.

It is crucial for you to be able to be illuminated or to make it easier for others to clearly identify your position on the road in case of an emergency on the road (e.g a road accident, a car breakdown). Using fluorescent safety vests and emergency warning triangles might not be sufficient. In fact, in the dark, if these pieces of equipment are not illuminated, you won’t be able to be seen and therefore, the location of the accident or the breakdown won’t be able to be detected. A glow stick can be used to locate the scene of the accident or breakdown.

We recommend using different colours so that there is a color code that can signify how serious the situation is. For example:

  • Red can be used to indicate that something serious is happening. Orange can be used to signify a similar situation, but with a lower degree of severity,
  • green can be used to indicate that it is a nonurgent situation, or just that everything is fine
  • white and yellow can just be used to light up the roads, signal an obstacle, or mark out the area so as to avoid further accidents.

Think about the colours that you choose. Cyalume offers several different glow stick colors from a selection of 6 and can also provide you with the level of support that you require.

Car safety: Use glow sticks during road accidents

Cyalume products can be used to mark out the area of an accident. Place the 20cm or 25cm Flare Alternative on the ground a few metres in front of the area of the accident or around the area concerned in order to illuminate the area. Light sticks can be used in alongside the emergency warning triangle to mark, signal and identify possible debris and warn other motorists of any obstacles to avoid. We also recommend using the 15cm SnapLight sticks as well as the 40cm Non-Impact sticks by positioning them at the end of a Lübeck cone or traffic cone with a cone adapter.

In the event of a vehicle breaking down, a flat tyre, or some kind of road obstruction, use these same lights, as well as the warning triangle, by placing them on the ground a few meters in front of the area where the vehicle is or even directly on the obstacle.

In both cases, the 15cm SnapLight stick can help you find your way around in the dark thereby helping you to avoid injuring yourself. It will allow you to locate your position on the road so that you can wait for the tow truck safely. This, in turn, will help you avoid causing another accident.

Cyalume products are also very useful when a vehicle has a flat tyre at night and the only option is to replace the tyre with a spare one.

For situations like these, we recommend using a 15cm or 25cm Cyalume stick with a magnetic base attached to the body of the vehicle – just above the tyre that needs to be replaced. The magnetic base makes sure that the stick stays in a fixed position but also allows freedom of movement. It provides optimum visibility. This makes sure that the hands are free and that there is enough lighting to safely handle the jack and change the tyre.

Cyalume light sticks with a magnetic base

The light stick, the yellow safety vest and the warning triangle are all the perfect tools to place in the glove box of your car