IR, Thermal, Fusion identification patches for Military / Police units, Gendarmerie

The range of IR patches, thermal patches or panels and Fusion patches is made from passive reflective materials and can identify personnel or vehicles.

IR patches have a reflective film that will absorb the entire visible light spectrum and reflect only infrared. Thermal patches are passive and will reflect thermal energy from the sky to appear in cold areas. A third category of patches called Fusion patches combine both IR and Thermal technologies.

Infrared identification patches

Cyalume infrared patches are made from reflective infrared materials, which can be customized in color as well as desired wavelength.

The patches are made using a reflective micro-prism film and can be in the form of flags, call sign patches, blood group patches, adhesive or magnetic letters…. for personnel identification or vehicle identification.
It is possible to customize the size, colors, shape and graphics of the patch.

The patches are visible in infrared light (820 to 1200nm) at distances of up to 100 meters, up to 900 meters with infrared laser.
These visibilities will depend on the zoom function, the viewing angles (FOV) of the Night Vision Google (NVG) used as well as the IR light source.

Infrared patches are usually supplied with a Velcro ™ backside with hooks (Velcro on the male side). These bindings are durable and suitable for outdoor conditions, especially for water and heat up to 60 degrees.
But it is also possible to provide adhesive, magnetic or any other type of fixings on request.

The patches can be made in a matt or glossy finish. These finishes have no effect on the durability of the patch. They will only affect the detection range: in mast, the detection distance is shorter.

Double IR patches

These patches are equipped with a double infrared layer and therefore offer in addition to visibility to the naked eye (a flag for example), a second background marking only visible at NVG (a marking in letters for example).

Thermal identification patches / Thermal panels

Thermal identification patches and panels are made from a passive thermal reflective material.

When the thermal patches or panels are exposed to the open sky, they reflect the thermal energy of the sky which can reach -30 degrees Celsius on a clear day. The thermal patches / panels then appear in a thermal camera as a contrasting cold zone, therefore in a black zone unlike the individual wearing the patch whose silhouette will be represented as a white zone.

Thermal patches (3000 to 14000 nm) are effective only for short range identification. The view spectrum depends on the patch size, location, weather conditions, and thermal camera.

It is recommended to use these patches outdoors with a clear view. The best patch locations are usually on the helmet or on the shoulder because the angle to the sky is adequate.

  • A 5x5cm patch will give visibility at 20-50 meters
  • A 10x10cm patch will give visibility at 50-200 meters

Thermal identification patches for personnel identification are usually placed on helmets or shoulders. Thermal vehicle identification panels, often presented in the form of magnetic or adhesive letters or numbers, are often placed on the doors or roofs of vehicles to be identified.

The detection range of thermal panels is 500m to 5km, depending on the device, optics and weather conditions.

Standard colors for thermal patches are brown, olive green. Any other custom color can be created according to the desired quantity.

The size and type of attachment (velcro, adhesive, magnetic) of the thermal patches or panels are customizable.

Do not hesitate to contact us to carry out a personalized study in relation to your needs.

Thermal panels

Personal thermal panels (60cm x 60cm) and thermal combat identification panels (100cm x 100cm or 120cm x 120cm) have the same characteristics as thermal patches.

Personal thermal panels are used to identify personnel in rescue operations or for signaling. They are made from a lightweight fabric for easy transport and folding.

Thermal combat identification panels are intended to identify tanks or vehicles.
These panels are available in brown, olive green, or any other color on request. The sizes of these thermal panels are also customizable as needed.

Patches and Fusion Panels: IR + thermal

The fusion patches for combat identification, are designed to absorb all visible light spectra and to reflect infrared light with wavelengths in NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR, recognizable using Night Vision Googles (NVG) and thermal cameras.

The Fusion patch is a combination of IR and thermal technologies.

The Fusion patch is composed of reflective infrared part(s) and other passive thermal part(s). The IR parts are visible on wavelengths from 820 to 1200nm and the thermal parts are visible on wavelengths from 3000 to 14000nm.

These Fusion patches are intended for identification of IFF type personnel (Identification Friend or Foe) and are brown or olive green. Any other custom color is possible on special request.

Combination of IR or thermal technologies with reflective / photoluminescent parts

It is also possible to integrate reflective or photoluminescent parts on IR or Fusion patches. These patches recommended for the identification of personnel (IFF Identification Friend or Foe) are generally worn on the shoulders of soldiers and are visible on the NVG, thermal camera.

These patches are completely customizable and are made to measure according to your specifications.