Cyalume Lightsticks – Uses in Oil & Gas and Marine industry

A wide range of lighting solutions that address diverse applications such as marking, signalling, evacuation

Many of you are using Cyalume glowsticks in the oil & gas industry, onshore and offshore platforms. The Cyalume products are available in different shapes: the 6” (15cm) SnapLight lightstick, the LightShape adhesive circular patches or VisiPad rectangular patches, or even the SOS 6” (15cm) light baton linked by a cord, are some of the many different versions that allow you to find THE ideal lighting solution in relation to your issue.

All the Cyalume lighting solutions are autonomous, work without batteries and are ATEX compliant. They do not require any particular maintenance and can be used underwater, in confined spaces or in explosive atmospheres.

Below you will find some examples that illustrate applications and services provided by Cyalume lighting solutions in the petrochemical and marine industry:

cyalume sos lighting device on safety harness evacuation
green SOS Cyalume lighting distress signal

Emergency evacuation from drilling derricks or cranes : an illuminated marker attached to the harness for a rapid descent

Cyalume has been working for years with a manufacturer of harness and rapid descent systems for evacuation, located in the North of England. They chose the SOS 12 hours green lightstick from Cyalume which is attached to a descent harness designed for a quick evacutaion from drilling derricks or cranes on offshore platforms.

In case of urgent evacuation, staff members escape from the vessel or platform by lowering themselves with a specific harness on which is attached the green SOS.

When at the level of the water, the evacuee that just lowered themselves, activates his Cyalume SOS green and uses the integrated cord to swing the lightstick which creates a luminous circle. This allows them to be located from far away and indicates their position to the rescue ships or lifeboats located nearby.

Simple and easy to use, the  green Cyalume SOS is an illuminated beacon with a duration of 12 hours. Protected in its hard plastic shell, the SOS emergency signalling device is a proven rescue light that is 100% reliable with a 4 year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Underwater location of underwater pipes / pipelines marking

The Cyalume light sticks are recommended by professional divers who place these battery-free and waterproof lights on underwater pipes. This enables them to inspect the pipelines that are located around oil platforms.

These pipes are used as part of oil drilling operations at sea in order to facilitate its transportation. During maintenance activities, its’ important to be able to mark and locate underwater areas that need to be repaired.

The lightsticks used are 6” green Snaplight (15cm) 12 hours and 15” green Non Impact light batons (40cm) 12 hours.
Companies like Total or Vantage use these products on a regular basis during their refining activities in Africa.

underwater pipelines location marking oil and gas offshore
offshore personnel transfer with Cyalume

Men or basket marking during transfer of personnel from Offshore platforms

The Cyalume lightsticks are used to mark and signal staff during shift transfer activities from vessels or offshore platforms at sea.

Sometimes performed at night or when dusk falls, the transfer of personnel has to be carried out carefully and safely. It’s essential to be able to locate men and/or equipments that are involved in these transfers.

  • For vessels with a pilot ladder allowing personnel to go down along the hull of the vessel, a Cyalume is attached to the person. This luminous marking allows him to be visible during the time he descends. On arrival at water level, the craft in charge with personnel/equipment can then easily identify and retrieve the person.
  • Where “Billy Pugh” type baskets are used, the lightsick or luminous marker is attached directly on the basket in order to visualize its descent from the platform to the craft in charge with the transfer.

Equipment Marking in Diving / Identification for professional divers

The Cyalume SnapLight lightsticks are often used by onboard professional diver teams present on Oil & Gas vessels. Their role is to provide maintenance to the underwater installations.

The lighsticks are used as follows :

  • To mark the corners of the divers tools or equipment baskets,
  • To mark the divers umbilical cord at a number of places along the umbilical,
  • To mark or highlight a specific tool or device for easy identification,
  • To mark a diver: the lightstick or lighting emitter is usually placed high up on the back or on the helmet,
  • To mark the entrance to the divers lift (this lift is used to raise and lower the divers during the working period for the divers and is also used as a relay station at the bottom).
professional divers marking oil gas offshore maintenance
maintenance lighting storage capacities tanks oil and gas

Security lighting inside the storage capacities for the unit sites when conducting onshore general and periodic maintenance

The Cyalume products are used in onshore unit sites for maintenance purposes.

The 12” green Cyalume Snaplight have been implemented as as safety lighting device inside storage capacities (tanks & other industrial equipments). Advantages are that the products can be used in ATEX areas. The products do not contain batteries, require no charging, are always ready to work, and are powerful enough to mark the tank output in case of failure of conventionnal existing lighting systems.

Teams in onshore sites use also Cyalume lightsticks as emergency lighting devices for any works in confined spaces.

Therefore, the Cyalume light sticks, independent and innovative lighting products, are integrated more and more in Analysis of Operational Risks, reference document listing all devices and preventive measures applicable for any operation.