The Personal Marker Light PML which is ideal for rescue at sea

The Personal Marker Light PML is a personal light designed for clipping onto lifejackets making it easier to locate quickly a man overboard and providing safety at sea. It has been approved by the American Coast Guard. It is an essential item to slip into your rescue kits on board or directly into the pocket of your lifejacket.

This personal Marker Light is the ideal distress signal in an emergency and will glow for 8 hours.

The PML is a watertight product designed to resist bad weather, oil, mildew, corrosion, exposure to the sun and to flames. This Personal Marker Light has also been put through resistance testing with respect to falling, vibration and temperature variations. It is advisable to remove the protective wrapper from the lightsticks just before use in order not to affect the illuminating properties of the device.

The PML Personal Market Light: a partner for safety in the event of a man overboard

PML standing for “Personal Marker Light” is an identification light approved by the US Coast Guard to locate a man in the sea. This light can be clipped onto a life jacket, facilitating search and rescue operations at sea and assisting with fast identification.

The PML is light, waterproof and tough. It is visible both from the air and on a horizontal axis, often used as an identification or distress beacon. This lifejacket light is ideal as:

  • Personal Market Light beacon
  • Lighted means of locating a man overboard,
  • Evacuation signal,
  • An essential part to be included in the ship’s safety kits.

To activate the Cyalume PML, squeeze the handle hard with one hand until the cover comes free and the lightstick is activated. It is a good idea to attach the clip to the lifejacket in readiness to prevent it from being lost just when it is needed as an identification signal.

This light is waterproof and designed to resist bad weather, oil, damp, mildew, corrosion, exposure to the sun and to flames. The product is also put through tests on its resistance to dropping, vibration and temperature variations. The label indicates the batch number and the expiration date of the product and will resist the marine environment.


6 pcs
50 pcs

Durations and colors

8 hours | Green

Shelf life

4 years

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 135 mm
Width: 6,7 cm
Weight: 65 g

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