The 8,25” FlexBand wristband (21cm) for marking and identifying

The FlexBand lighted wristband is 8,25” (21 cm) long, ideal in emergencies for attaching to the wrists of people or to devices such as stretchers.
These light markers can easily be attached to the limbs of a tree in the open field, or to mark out a camp or identify a zone.
Among its many uses, typical examples are:

  • Personal marking,
  • Medical triage,
  • Covert lighted obstacle marking,
  • Lighted route marking by attachment to branches,

Several FlexBand wristbands can be attached together to form a light chain and mark out larger spaces.
The Cyalume marker wristband is sold in packs of 3 contained in a protective shell to protect the 3 wristbands from any risks of activation and from light. The FlexBand lighted wristbands are cylindrical and are provided with a flexible transparent plastic connector.
It is advisable to keep the wristbands in their package until use. To activate them: bend and shake. Just insert the free end of the band in the connecting end. For larger circles, several can be connected together in a chain.

The Flexband light wristband, to illuminate and mark

The Cyalume lighted Flexband is a marking and identification solution which is practical and easy to use. The lighted wristband, sometimes also called the fluo wristband is activated – in the same way as the other lightsticks – by bending the tube (breaking the glass capsules inside it) and shaking it.

This lighted marker is a very efficient solution foreasy identification or marking when attached to:

  • the wrist,
  • a stretcher,
  • a door handle
  • or the branches of a tree.

It has color codes for identifying groups, marking categories of people etc…
It can also be used as a napkin ring or to decorate a glass to add a sparkle to tables and buffets during special events or dinner parties.

The Cyalume fluo marker band is cylindrical and has a flexible transparent plastic connecting end. Several of these bands can be connected together. Just insert the free end of the band in the connecting end. For larger circles, several can be connected together in a chain.

The lighted bands are available in packs of 3. The protective shell contained in the package protects the 3 bands from any risk of inadvertent activation. It is advisable to keep them in their package until use.

Packs (products in the same color)

12 pcs (4-pack of 3 Flexband)
36 pcs (12-pack of 3 Flexband)

Durations and colors

4 hours | Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue
8 hours | Infrared
3 hours | Infrared

Shelf life

4 years for visible colors
3 years for infrared

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 240 mm with connector
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 4,7 g

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