The 15 inch Impact and Non-Impact infrared lightstick (40cm)

The 15” IMPACT and Non-IMPACT  infrared light sticks (40cm) are the biggest in the Cyalume range.

The IMPACT model is activated on impact with the ground. It has an attaching ring at each end and is available in the 3 hour version. The NON-IMPACT model has a single attaching ring at one end and is available in the 3 hour and 8 hour versions.

These 15” infrared light sticks (40cm) can be used by armed forces and specialized police services during night missions for:

  • airdrop operations,
  • route marking,
  • identification of helicopter landing zones,
  • airdrop zone identification …

Packs (products in the same color)

20 pcs

Durations and colors

8 hours | Non-Impact
3 hours | Impact, Non-Impact

Shelf life

3 years

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 410 mm
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 92 grams

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