Magnetic base (used for safety) for lightsticks

The magnetic base (safety version) is used with Cyalume lightsticks and holds every model of the Cyalume lightstick in a fixed position on any metal support.

The magnetic base will adapt to any Cyalume lightstick except for the 15″ Impact (40cm) version which has two rings, one at each end.
The magnetic base can be attached to any magnetic or metal surface and holds the lightstick in a fixed position. It offers freedom of movement and allows optimal visibility.

The magnetic base is used for instance with the Cyalume lightsticks for lighting in the event of vehicle breakdown. The magnetic base is attached to the bodywork of the vehicle and a Cyalume lightstick is inserted into it. This produces optimal lighting and is sufficient, for instance, for changing a wheel in the dark. This emergency lighting is particularly practical.
We suggest you slip a Cyalume lightstick and a magnetic base into your car kit or emergency kit for safety and peace of mind.


by the unit
box of 12pcs



Dimensions and Weight (single)

Height: 37 mm
Diameter: 57 mm
Weight: 85 g

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