1,5 inch ChemLight infrared lightstick Type A (3,75cm)

ChemLight MINI infrared lightstick is available as Type A for a size of 1,5 inch (3,75 cm) and a life duration of 3 hours. It is a reliable infrared light used by the military and the law enforcement forces.

The MINI infrared lightstick is recommended for:

  • covert personnel marking,
  • convert marking out of routes or zones,
  • identification in combat,

The ChemLight MINI infrared lightstick is only visible using night vision goggles.

Packs (products in the same color)

50 pcs

Durations and colors

3 hours

Shelf life

2 years

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 39 mm
Diameter: 4,5 mm
Weight: 1,9 grams

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