An emergency survival bag/kit ready for when natural disasters strike

When any disaster (natural or man made) appears (floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal wave/Tsunami, heavy snow episodes…), the first 72 hours are often the most punishing, stressful, dangerous and critical. You may be faced with power outages, washed out roads, a lack of clean drinking water and numerous other dangerous scenarios.
The emergency services work hard to provide help to people affected by natural disasters, but getting to everybody at the same time takes time.  It may appear that some local rescue services are unavailable or overwhelmed by calls for help. That’s why Cyalume has set up an Emergency Rescue Bag or Survival Kit to help you to survive during these first 72 critical hours.

Instead of spending hours looking for the right equipment and survival gear to have on hand for emergencies, simply purchase the Cyalume emergency survival bag and be ready and well equipped for those first 72 critical hours after any disaster. Everything you need is stored in this convenient backpack.
Cyalume developed three versions of rescue and survival emergency bag:

  • The Survival and Rescue Bag 72 hours for 2 people Comfort 2
  • The Survival and Rescue Bag 72 hours for 4 people Comfort 4
  • The Survival and Rescue Bag 72 hours for 2 people Essential 2

This rescue and emergency bag was set up after long in-depth studies and consultation and contains the following:

72 hours Food & Light Kit for 2 people

Food and Light survival kit
  • 6 bags of 250gr Travellunch®  (250gr=double ration recommanded for 2 people)
    -1 bag of 250g Pasta with Carbonara Sauce
    -1 bag of 250g Beef and Potato Hotpot
    -1 bag of 250g Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms
    -1 bag of 250g Nasi Goreng – Sans Gluten
    -1 bag of 250g Chicken Korma Curry
    -1 bag of 250g Chicken & Noodle Hot Pot
  • 30pcs of Cyalume green 6” SnapLight lightsticks (15cm) 12 hours

Essential 2-Person Emergency Survival Bag/Kit 72 hours

72h 2 people Essential 2 survival bag
  • 12 Mainstay food servings distributed in 2 packs of 6 servings,
  • 1 liter of water Aqua Literz™,
  • 1 sustain survival straw,
  • 4 green Cyalume SnapLight lightsticks,
  • 1 MoraKniv® knife,
  • 1 LED lantern,
  • 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit,
  • 2 emergency blankets,
  • 1 pack of 8 bath wipes,
  • 2 whistles,
  • 1 cordage bundle of 15 meters.

Comfort 2-Person Emergency Survival Bag/Kit 72 hours

emergency rescue bag for 2 people 72 hours Comfort 2
  • 12 Travellunch food servings distributed in 6 packs of 2 food servings,
  • 2 liters of Aqua Literz™ water,
  • 2 sustain survival straws,
  • 4 Cyalume SnapLight lightsticks,
  • 1 LED lantern,
  • 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit,
  • Wipes,
  • 2 emergency blankets,
  • 1 portable stove,
  • 2 bowls and utensils,
  • 1 MoraKniv® knife,
  • 1 Ferrocerium rod,
  • 2 InstaFire® tinders,
  • and 2 whistles.

Comfort 4-Person Emergency Survival Bag/Kit 72 hours

Comfort 4 sustain bag Go bag 4 people 72 hours
  • 24 Travellunch® food servings distributed in 12 packs of 2 food servings,
  • 4 liters of Aqua Literz™ water,
  • 4 sustain survival straws,
  • 8 Cyalume green SnapLight lightsticks 12h,
  • 1 LED lantern,
  • 1 Flashlight,
  • 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit,
  • 2 packs of wipes,
  • 4 emergency blankets,
  • 1 portable stove,
  • 4 bowls and utensils,
  • 1 MoraKniv® knife,
  • 1 Ferrocerium rod,
  • 2 InstaFire® tinders,
  • and 2 whistles.

Water in your survival backpack

After any disaster, water is the biggest need for humans. Your survival bag comes complete with packs of Aqualiterz™ drinking water as well as high quality survival straws. This straw enables you to get safe clean water from local water sources or from lakes. Do not risk contracting a waterborne illness from consuming non filtered water.

Emergency rations in your survival backpack

Once you’ve hydrated, you’ll need to eat. During a prolonged power outage, you may still have access to your gas stove or outdoor grill, and you should use these to prepare the existing food in your fridge and cupboards first.

If this happens, your Emergency Go Bag is your go-to. The survival kit contains servings of quality Travellunch or Mainstay freeze-dried food, this is enough to provide much needed nutrients to 2 to 4 adults for 72 hours depending of the version of the bag (12 servings for Essential 2 version, 12 servings for Comfort 2 version, 24 servings for Comfort 4 Go-Bag). For versions Comfort 2 and 4, the food can be rehydrated and then cooked using the water and portable stove included in your kit.

All these survival rations have a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration dates are indicated on the sachets.

Other items dedicated to survival in your Emergency Go Bag

Your 2-person emergency survival bag contains many other items to help you deal with the disaster situation in the best possible way.

Plasters and survival blankets in case of injury

If you suffer a minor injury during a crisis, medical emergency services may not be available immediately. The first aid kit, with its basic emergency items like plasters, a first aid guide, and cleansing wipes, will allow to care for any minor injuries you may have.

During severe weather, the kit’s emergency blankets will keep you warm and dry by keeping your body heat in when draped loosely over and around you.

And since you may find it necessary to ration drinking water, the kit includes bath wipes so that you can still maintain personal hygiene.

Ways to start fire to survive

If you need a heat source but you do not have any matches or a lighter, your emergency survival backpack/Go Bag has the solution. The Ferrocerium rod works without any type of fuel ; so you will be able to start a fire at any time. The InstaFire® fire starters are also included in the bag and are a useful way to start a fire, even during wet weather.

Three lighting solutions in your survival and emergency kit

With your emergency and survival bag, you get also different lighting solutions.

  • Sometimes you just need a simple flashlight to check something in the dark.
  • For general illumination, the LED lantern, once placed on a table or on a shelf, will illuminate a room.
  • To save battery power and get enough illumination at night, or to signal for help, a Cyalume lightstick is the perfect solution.

Your emergency kit contents these 2 types of lighting. You will be able to choose the best option to illuminate according to your situation and the level of your need.
The other items you will find in this bag are bowls and utensils for eating as well as whistles for communication.

Add your personal items to your survival bag

Be sure to customize your bag with your personal effects, for exemple copies of important documents, battery phone charger, some cash, important prescription drugs (check expiration dates), replacement batteries, and even a card game to pass the time until the end of the disaster.

6inch 15cm Snaplight lightstick safety rescue light

6'' SnapLight (15cm)

25cm 10 inch Flare aternative Cyalume lightstick

10'' Flare Alternative (25cm)

SOS Search and Rescue Signalling device

SOS Rescue Signal

magnetic base safety grade for lightstick

Magnetic base – designed for safety