Flash-Up support for Cyalume lightstick: visible by day and by night

The Flash-Up is a polypropylene support for the lightstick so that the Cyalume lightstick can be assembled and held vertical to provide continuous visibility at night. The Flash-Up support has a fluorescent surface for optimal identification during the day.

It comes with a variety of fastening, suspension or ground anchor points using stakes. A retro-reflective and photoluminescent CyFlect band is incorporated into the middle of the Flash-Up for enhanced visibility.

Flash-Up is water-repellent and tear-proof. It can be reused for many operations.

Flash-Up was specifically designed for civil safety operations.

The Flash-Up lightstick support is used for marking out or identifying by day and by night. Some of its uses include:

  • marking out routes,
  • marking out hazardous areas,
  • identifying other zones…

The Flash-Up support can be used in the nautical environment. Thanks to its polypropylene structure, it offers high resistance to bad weather.


Bags of 20 pcs


Orange (on request with MOQ)

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

19.9cm x 28cm (width x height on the flat)
12cm wide (top edge when folded)
3.8cm: CyFlect band width

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