Cyalume awarded the UAF label « Used by French Armed Forces »

Cyalume, the inventor of chemiluminescence and manufacturer of tactical light in the form of lightsticks has just received the label « Used by French Armed Forces » from the Directorate General of Armaments (Ministry of Armed Forces) for its 9 main product families *.

Used by military forces, law enforcement agencies and first responders (police, firefighters…) around the world, Cyalume lighting solutions allow you to mark, signal and identify in the most hazardous situations, including combat operations or natural disasters. As a key player in the tactical light market for military forces, Cyalume offers a wide range of lighting products in various colours, shapes and sizes. With a simple press or bend to activate, the Cyalume ChemLight light sticks provide instant light from 5 minutes to 24 hours duration, dependant on the product form. The Cyalume chemiluminescent lights provide an instant light that works without a battery and requires no maintenance.

Created in May 2018 as part of the Plan « SME Action », the label « Used by French Armed Forces » is designed for micro-entreprises, SME or mid-cap companies, to facilitate their access to new markets, in particular international markets and therefore encourage their exports. This label is the demonstration of the successful implementation in the armed forces of a commercial offer by these organisations.

Cyalume is proud and honoured of this award that reinforces its position as the leader and the reference for supplying tactical lights to the Army. In contract with NSPA (NATO logistic agency) for many years, Cyalume remains the the only manufacturer approved by NATO to supply Chemlight lightsticks.

*Product families that obtained the UAF label