COVID-19 – Cyalumes commitment to continue serving you during this time of crisis

Dear partner and customer,

As the CEO of Cyalume Technologies SAS I would like to send you this brief message.

We are currently experiencing a severe and unprecedented health crisis where the Coronavirus epidemic disrupts our life-styles and priorities, both personally and professionally.
Its scale and impact are virtually unprecedented and the situation is evolving rapidly and forces us to be constantly adapting ourselves.

Please be assured that your Cyalume team has taken all of the required and necessary steps to ensure service continuity and to allow production in Aix en Provence (France) to continue and be maintained in the best conditions possible. We guarantee that appropriate measures have been taken to absolutely minimize any impact for you and your customers.

– With regards to placing or making purchase orders process, you can still contact Carole Hiller on +33 4 42 37 17 82 or via email Carole is available every morning to ensure the administrative management function continues uninterrupted. We do however, advise that you send your orders and requests via email, to ensure that we capture your request in the best possible way to ensure we deal with it effectively and in a timely manner.

– Our warehouse and production team will continue to operate as usual for all our received orders,  the preparation of products and shipments, with only some anticipated small delays to our normal lead/delivery times due to our carriers who are also experiencing some difficulties at this time.

– We are still expecting the delivery of our raw materials from our US team, so there should be no gaps in our product availability.  Should there ever be any gaps in product availability or delivery, we will of course let everyone know as soon as is practicable.  At present the vast majority of our products are all still available.

As ever the commercial team remains at your disposal to continue the follow-up on various matters and to support you in any way we can:

Tony Slaney Director International Business Development + 44 1609 635 010 Reachable all day long
Stephanie Lapeyre Sales Representative  +33 7 64 59 17 93 Reachable all day long
Carole Hiller Customer Sales Representative +33 4 42 37 17 82 Reachable in the morning
Geraldine Bello Marketing Manager  +33 4 42 37 17 86 Reachable all day long

Please be assured, that as valued partners and customers, every effort has been made to protect our employees who are involved in this highly unusual situation!

Safety and security are part of our core principles and values. We apply these key principles both externally to our customers as well as internally to our team.

We will keep you informed of the ever changing state of this situation and of the provisions that may need to be taken.

Keep in touch as usual!
Continue to ask for our help, we want to keep the smile and energy required to offer you quality service and products.

Finally, I would like to wish, you, your loved ones, families and friends on behalf of your Cyalume team, a very safe and trouble free future.

With kind regards,

Nathalie Rizzo
CEO Cyalume Technologies SAS