Which is the best lighting for the safety of people and goods during transportation?

Cyalume security lighting renders various types of situations safe in the transport world, guaranteeing the safety of passengers, goods or property, and of all the staff on board.

Cyalume independent lighting products are used in the following areas:

> Emergency lighting for road transport, automobile safety

For road transport, Cyalume safety lighting is ideal for marking out an area where a vehicle may be stopped on the verge of the road because of a breakdown or an accident. Cyalume lightsticks are independent and operate reliably at any time ; they can be of great help indicating your presence and avoiding a knock-on accident. It is an ideal accessory which can be used to fill out an emergency kit, like a warning triangle or a yellow vest with reflective stripes.

Cyalume light tubes to cover battery failure mean that there is an emergency light on the vehicle, providing enough light to open the hood and identify the cause of the breakdown.
With a glow life of up to 12 hours, the light stick is practical and easy to use!

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> Independent lighting solutions for rail transport, railroads.


Cyalume lightsticks and adhesive light patches are much in demand by rail professionals for the safety of night maintenance work on railway infrastructures, but also for the safe transportation of their passengers. Personal safety is one of the core concerns of these companies which endeavor to improve safety at work, particularly during night-time maintenance, while reinforcing action protocols in the event of railway breakdown or accidents.

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> Independent lights suitable for maritime transport (safety on cargo and cruise shipping).


In the same way as for transport by rail, maritime transport companies are also particularly attentive to the safety of passengers and of staff working on cargo, ferry and cruise vessels.

Ensuring safe maintenance work in confined areas, or at night, carrying out evacuation drills in the event of fire or other accidents that could occur on board, are typical of what goods transport cargo crews may be required to deal with during their crossings.

With their growing success, cruise companies are also obliged to provide safety for the people on board, both passengers and crews. Risk management and safety and evacuation protocols are increasingly more demanding and confirm their serious approach. For such purposes, Cyalume offers simple solutions that can be set up efficiently.

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>Lighting for air transport in the aeronautical sector.


Whether transport is by plane or helicopter, Cyalume lightsticks offer a solution. Marking out a runway at night, identifying a night landing zone for a helicopter are typical services that Cyalume products offer in areas where electrical equipment is not particularly widespread.

The low cost of this type of lighting compared to the service rendered to guarantee personal safety and dependable aircraft landing make Cyalume an unarguable choice.