Photolum Plate: photoluminescent plate with two 6” lightsticks (15cm)

The Photolum Plate is a photoluminescent plate used as a support for two 6” SnapLight (15 cm) green (12 hours) or yellow (30 minutes) lightsticks. The plate is charged with light (solar or electric light) and returns it once in the dark. The support is therefore visible in the dark and allows the location to be found in order to reach the lightsticks.

As soon as the user has located the plate, he simply grabs a stick and activates it. This independent lighting is always ready to use and particularly practical for areas where there are frequent power outages. It is essential in the home, near the electric meter, on a boat, or in a camper, to save on batteries or to deal with sudden darkness. The Photolum Plate which is particularly rugged and basic, is an economic support mounted by means of double-sided adhesive tape or nails.


1 pc

Durations and colors

12 hours | Green
30 minutes | Yellow

Shelf life

5 years for the green 12h SnapLight
4 years for the yellow 30 min SnapLight

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 30cm
Width: 9cm
Thickness: 0,1cm
Weight: 95 grams

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