The 10” SnapLight lightstick (25cm), a refill for the LightStation boxes

The SnapLight 10” refill lightstick (25cm) – used as a refill for the LightStation – is designed to fit into any LightStation evacuation box (4, 10 or 20).

It is slightly different from the traditional 10” SnapLight (25cm) which glows for 2 hours and has a ring at one end because this refill lightstick lasts 4 hours and has no attaching ring.

The LightStation Model 4 requires 4pcs 10” SnapLight refills (25cm) whereas models 10 and 20 require respectively 10 and 20 lightsticks.

This lightstick is cylindrical. Like all the other products in the Cyalume range it is phthalate-free, buoyant, waterproof and does not give of sparks, heat or gas.
It is nonexplosive, non-toxic and nonflammable. The 10” lightstick (25cm) produces illumination through 360° and operates in a totally independent manner. It does not require batteries or rechargeable cells and is maintenance free.

It is a means of personal lighting for emergencies ideal in the event of a power outage. It produces reliable light to find your way through the dark and to avoid panic effects. The Cyalume lightstick is compatible with confined (explosive) areas and is used as lighting for maintenance work.

It is also an efficient and secure substitute for flashlights or candles.. As an essential part of your emergency and evacuation plans, the lightstick can be used for showing exit routes and exit points, and illuminating the scene of an accident immediately.

Packs (products in the same color)

40 pcs
200 pcs

Durations and colors

4 hours | Yellow, Red*
*For red MOQ of 2000pcs

Shelf life

4 years

Dimensions and Weight (single non wrapped)

Length: 260 mm
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 70 g

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