Emergency lighting solutions for the hospital

Emergency lighting is essential in the event of a power cut in the hospital

Hospitals or hospital centers (CHU in France) or care centers need reliable and top quality lighting to allow continuing care-giving actions as well as the essential rest and peace of mind for the recovery of the patients.

Luminosity is an important factor in patient healing and an unexpected lighting failure can have detrimental consequences and generate panicking. This can cause serious complications in terms of the patient recovery process.


The emergency lighting solutions offered by Cyalume (especially with its LightStations, wall-mounted boxes containing lightsticks that can be activated at any time) give hospitals means of emergency lighting as needed to deal with any type of crisis where there is no light. These lightsticks are designed to complete the pictogram lighting facilities already in place and provide a reassuring backup light enabling people to find their way around in the dark or that can facilitate evacuation.


Furthermore, the light markers (also known as light patches) can be used for medical triage to identify the order of urgency of patient treatment and establish priorities for care.

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