SOS survival signal light

SOS survival signal light, 360 degrees of guaranteed light

The SOS is a lightstick provided with a cord. When activated, it becomes a particularly practical survival signal light generating a highly visible circle of light. By spinning its handle, a light circle is formed, visible at up to 1 mile (1.6 km) on land/sea level, and 3 miles (4.8 km) from the sky.


This survival signal light is useful as an emergency light, distress light, means of airborne and horizontal identification lighting.


SOS is used in various situations, for instance:

  • Signaling and marking for rescue responders,
  • Position signal light,
  • Marker light for rescue at sea,
  • Substitute for visual pyrotechnical distress signals,
  • Essential component in a safety kit,
  • Identification of dangers and risk zones on a route…
  • Packets (products in the same color)

    • 10 pcs
    • 50 pcs

  • Durations and colors

    • 8 hours| Green, Infrared
    • 5 minutes | Orange Ultra-HI

  • Shelf life

    • 4 years for the green SOS
    • 3 years for the Infrared SOS
    • 2 years for the Ultra Orange SOS

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