Water Sports Light Sticks

The Cyalume light sticks allow you to practice your sensational water sports in complete tranquillity. Always at your side, they will become a necessity to stay safe during your activities with your friends and family.

Safely practice water sports with the Cyalume light sticks

Whatever the type of water sport you want to practice, it goes without saying that safety must remain optimal.
It happens (very rarely fortunately!) that everything does not proceed as well as planned … Being lost at nightfall or surprised by a particularly violent weather can be dangerous if one is not equipped with a locating system.
Thanks to its long-lasting autonomy, the Cyalume light stick diffuses a fluorescent light that can be easily detected by rescue teams on a distance up to one kilometre. Simply fold the tube to activate it and its long-lasting brightness will allow you to keep an intense light wherever you are.

Why use light sticks during a water sports trip ?

To see and be seen! If you are in a dark area, with daylight falling, you will find it difficult to find yourself in the meanders of rivers, in the mountains or at sea.

With the Cyalume light stick, you will be able to have a light source lasting several hours thanks to their great autonomy. This will give you enough time to find a place to shelter during a storm. These light sticks have enough autonomy to be spotted on the ground or in the air by a rescue team. The scope of the light stick will, thus, allow to be located easily even from afar, same as a distress flare.

How to use a Cyalume light stick ?

To use your light stick, simply fold it. It will activate the components encapsulated in the stick. Your tube will then produce a strong light autonomously. It is a chemical reaction which, by the encounter of the compounds, produces energy and therefore light.

In many water sports such as water trekking, rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning, you must be able to easily carry your light safety stick and have it handy to trigger it if necessary. That is why Cyalume light sticks has designed lightweight and easily transportable sticks which can fit in your backpack. Another advantage: all our Cyalume sticks are waterproof.

We recommend to use our luminous sticks to guarantee yourself maximum safety during your sporting excursions in white water. You will have no reason to leave without your “survival” stick, order your Cyalume light sticks now on our online shop.

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