Trekking Light Sticks

A trekking or a hike is always a moment of conviviality and relaxation. Yet another reason for it to take place safely and for each hiker to be able to fully enjoy it.

Maximum visibility during your walks thanks to Cyalume light sticks

Day or night, getting lost during an excursion can happen more often than you think. Thanks to our luminous sticks, you can have an intense light which will allow the emergency teams to find you more easily. Indeed, our luminous sticks are easy to carry, they are small and take up very little space inside your backpack. Resistant to shocks, the sticks can also be attached directly to your bag using hooks or carabiners.

Also during an overnight hike, make sure that you can easily be seen from a distance by breaking a stick. It will guarantee a powerful, long-lasting light: the light signal lasts several hours and allows you to evolve in security. Autonomous and versatile, it allows to tag each of the hikers and thus distinguish each member of the trek with a luminous signal.

Always prepare an emergency kit before your departure, this will allow you to have at hand all the medical equipment needed but also our light sticks which will be very useful in case of an emergency.

Effective terrain marking with Cyalume light sticks

Beyond the security aspect, light sticks can also be used to mark the path and allow you to move at night during an overnight hike. Simply twist the light stick so it emits a powerful light and provides optimum lighting of the ground.

Gaining ground in the dark has never been easier with the chemiluminescent light sticks! Their long autonomy lasts several hours and guarantees a long hike whatever the luminosity. Its shape also allows a 360 ° illumination for any equipped hiker. Resistant to water and shocks, they will follow you on all your walks, snowshoeing hikes, orienteering, etc.

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