Scuba Diving Light Sticks

Scuba diving is a very enjoyable activity. Whether snorkelling or diving with oxygen bottles, for fishing, discovering the seabed or exploring underwater wrecks, you will need a light source for your comfort and your safety.

Why is the Cyalume light stick recommended for scuba diving ?

You may be required to use the luminous sticks during your underwater trip. Whether for your practice in a diving club or for yourself, the uses of the luminous sticks are multiple.

Identification of divers with a fluorescent light stick

You may need a light stick to find your team of divers during your underwater outing. You will be able to see each of the divers who swims by your side in the sometimes dark or turbid waters. You can even choose one colour per diver to distinguish them from each other. When diving further in the darkness, it is sometimes difficult to know who is surrounding you. The fluorescent light of the Cyalume sticks guarantees an easy identification of your teammates.

This is even more true during underwater fishing sessions. If you are equipped with harpoons and other submarine weapons intended for fishing: you must absolutely see the other divers and vice versa.

Increase the brightness of an obscure place

When you are exploring a dark place (such as a wreck or seabed), you may need lighting to see which environment you are in. This luminous marking will guarantee you great brightness and visibility in all circumstances for several minutes or even hours depending on the type of light stick you choose.

Marking of instruments and lifeline with luminous tubes

You can also fix the luminous sticks on various instruments in order to find them easily at night, such as regulators, instrument console, rope, boat anchor, bearing bar, emergency cylinder, etc. Signaling and night markings are very important and are an indispensable safety factor for each diver. This allows other boats to see the perimeter in which you operate.

For safety issue, if you are carried away by currents for example, you can be spotted easily with the light signal emitted by the Cyalume light stick. Whether in the water or on the surface of the water, you can activate the light stick quickly and for a long period of time.

The Cyalume light stick: the essential safety equipment of divers

For your safety, it is necessary to have a good equipment that allows you to swim in peace. Mask, fins, bottles, combination, measuring devices but also a Cyalume stick!
Very easy to use, it will follow you in all your underwater explorations in order to see and be seen. You can light it up very quickly when needed. It guarantees you an intense and long-lasting light. Once folded, the stick emits a constant light and diffuses a 360° lighting.

Waterproof and floating, you can use it both underwater and over the surface depending on your needs. You can hold it in your hands: its size allows you to be hands free by fixing it on your suit. To preserve the environment, the Cyalume light sticks are non-toxic, producing neither heat nor gas. You can use them with serenity in an aquatic environment even a protected one.

You should always have several light sticks on board to use them as a distress signal or for your safety as a diver. Do not hesitate anymore and practice your hobby safely.

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