Running Light Sticks

For runners, marathon and trail running enthusiasts, we present you this luminous equipment so you can indulge your hobby safely day and night.

Cyalume Light Sticks: Your Essential Running Companions

When running, visibility often rhymes with security. Cyalume light sticks allow you to run at nightfall, or even a full night run while ensuring your safety.

In the dim light, when light is weak, turn on your light stick so you can know where you are going and be easily spotted by other people. This light will also help you be located easily in case of an accident. During night races, you will be amazed how bright our sticks are and how it diffuses an intense and powerful light. The darkness will no longer be a constraint and you will be able to be satisfied of safely furrowing the paths.

Thanks to this long-lasting and autonomous light, you will not have to finish your running session earlier than planned: you will have an exceptional visibility, be able to clearly distinguish your environment and people will see you from afar. Lightweight and space-saving, the Cyalume light stick will quickly become an essential part of your equipment. It can easily be attached by a hook or a carabiner, and lights up when you fold it.

Organizing a night race, the Cyalume light sticks will mark your path

The wish of every runner is to be able to run in all weather conditions and whenever they feel like it. Hey! Why not run under the moon ?

If you want to organize a night race, the light sticks will allow you to mark the path for the runners. Glow sticks have many advantages for an outdoor use :

  • They resist the weather: the light sticks are waterproof
  • They are anti-shock: the sticks can withstand a fall of more than 3 meters
  • They also have a very long autonomy, for a long-term use

With these high-intensity lights, your race will be easily spotted in all conditions. With your individual light sticks, you will have a light source that will follow you throughout your race. You will now be finally able to enjoy your favourite sport until the end of the night in complete safety.

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