Hunting Light Sticks

When hunting, all safety rules must be followed in order to ensure that each hunter and each citizen remains safe.

Remain visible to ensure your safety thanks to Cyalume and its light sticks

Wearing a luminous safety gear when you hunt can be very useful in many cases. Our luminous sticks will give you an intense light over a long period of time. This will help you get a good visibility on the hunting grounds.


Hunting often begins in September and lasts until the end of winter. At this time of year, the climatic conditions are not always as good as hoped and rain, fog or mist are usually the kind of weather you encounter when hunting. The fact that days are quite short at this time of year can be a bit of an issue mainly because your visibility in the woods gets worse due to darkness that stays longer in the morning and falls quicker in the evening.


With a light stick hanged either by a hook or a carabiner on your jacket, you will be visible from far away: the intense light emanating from the stick makes it possible to signal yourself to other hunters. You can also use the light stick by putting it onto the collar of your dog to not lose sight of it and to make it recognizable by the other hunters. Our ultra-thin and ultra-light Visipad can also be sticked onto your clothes using its self-adhesive face. It will produce an orange light so other hunters can see you in the dark.

Lighting equipment to secure hunting areas with the Cyalume light sticks

Those sticks can also be used to mark a field such as the area for your hunting game. Walkers and other people who may be in the area will then be warn of the situation.


With its great autonomy, the powerful light produced by the sticks will guarantee the safety of each one. The luminous sticks are waterproof and shock resistant. They are also non-toxic allowing them to be placed on the ground or on plants without causing any damage. Your hunting game will therefore be an enjoyable and safe moment.


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