Fishing Light Sticks

Fishing enthusiasts are well aware that an accident can quickly happen. To ensure your safety and security, you can use a stick that produces a chemical light – glowstick – to see and be seen in the dark. Besides the safety aspect, you can use these light sticks when night fishing in the sea to view your line easily.

Safe fishing with Cyalume light sticks

Even as a confirmed fisherman, you may experience some mishaps during your fishing sessions at sea or on a river.

The engine of your boat is giving up you and it leaves you alone in the middle of the water in the middle of the night … No need to panic: thanks to the light stick Cyalume, you will get a powerful light to be spotted by a rescue team or by another boat. Once the light is switched on, you will benefit from a high visibility and long battery life (depending on the model, the light can last up to 12 hours).

You can hang your light stick with the hook carabiner on your waistcoat and have it handy in case of emergency.

Do not lose sight again of your line with the Cyalume light stick

When going out at sea for a night fishing trip, it is important to be aware if fish bite the hook. When brightness is reduced, this is not necessarily an easy thing to know.

To help you visualize, put a light stick on the tip of your cane and it will tell you when a fish has bitten: whether on the corks for fishing with a light float or on the bait for deep fishing. Waterproof and environmentally friendly (non-toxic and non-polluting), the Cyalume light stick starts when you fold the stick. The fluids, in the tube, will then mix to create a long-lasting light source.

Night fishing will greatly be helped by your equipment suitable to extreme conditions, especially with the unparalleled visibility of the intense light produced by our luminous tubes.

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