Camping Light Sticks

Camping or outdoor enthusiasts, we want you to enjoy your stay in serenity. The Cyalume light sticks are a necessity to guarantee your safety as well as that of your family and friends. It will also give you a nice lighting during your activity.

Your camping nights illuminated by the Cyalume sticks

When darkness intensifies at nightfall, it can be important to have a stand-alone light source (not batteries) to enjoy your evenings. Whether in wilderness camping, a bivouac or a regular camping, thanks to its great autonomy, this light stick will allow you to get an intense light source throughout the night.

Used as a back-up lighting, these light sticks can be activated quite easily and installed inside your tent or your camping car.

By activating your Cyalume light stick, you will benefit from a functional light without the need of any batteries. Indeed, the light sticks are autonomous, waterproof and diffuse an intense light over a long period of time. To make it work, simply bend and shake the neon tube. The particles contained in the liquids will mix to create a powerful light for several hours and at 360 °.

Use your Cyalume tubes for your safety and that of your loved ones

Feeling like a nice evening walking around the campsite ? Do not hesitate and get yourself a light stick to locate yourself and your loved ones during night time. These light sticks are small and handy. You can carry them everywhere very easily. You can take one to identify each member of your family by hangging this stick with its hook carabiner. Children will love this little light that will be with them during their night walk. Be sure to take it along with you, it is guaranteed you will be seen and rescued in case you get lost. Indeed, at night, you need to see and be seen.

If your four-legged companion follows you on your walk, you can fix a light stick to its collar too. You will be sure to see it easily in the dim light and it will help you in recognising it even at a significant distance. Rest assured, the Cyalume light sticks are non-toxic, disposable so you can equip your dog safely.

For all your outdoor activities, order light sticks or glow sticks on our online shop.

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